Go­ing back to the draw­ing board...

Still a real looker, even in a sober colour and trim. It’s all about curves, in stark con­trast to the other three, with their an­gles and lines. Gi­u­lia’s shape is co­he­sive, clas­si­cally Ital­ian and not-ac­tu­ally-that­sa­loon-like. Molto, molto bene.

Does it re­ally move the nee­dle?

En­gine will­ingly lets you know that it’s a diesel, and quite a gruƒ one at that. Punchy de­liv­ery, though, with a smooth whump of torque to ex­ploit via the eight-speed ZF and its gor­geous metal pad­dles. Man­ual changes in Dy­namic are a lit­tle lurchy but you’ll be hav­ing too much fun to care.

Can it go the ex­tra mile?

Steer­ing is among the best on the mar­ket, and just as lively as the hot­ter QF ver­sion. Ride strikes a great bal­ance be­tween killing body­roll and not mak­ing ruts too much of a fuss. Adap­tive dampers can be in their ‘soft’ set­ting even in Dy­namic mode. Brakes are strong, too.

Ser­pen­tine roads are the ag­ile Gi­u­lia’s nat­u­ral habi­tat

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