Push­ing the in­te­rior de­sign en­ve­lope past the sticky bit?

And we’re back in a Pas­sat! Plainest in­te­rior here with

sporty wheel and stretch­ing air vent the only real

in­ter­est­ing bits. Op­tional er­goCom­fort seats have ac­tive

lum­bar sup­ports and car­bonŒibre-e‘ect up­hol­stery.

I need to touch base with col­leagues…

Then this is the car to do it in. So much room in the back

you could host your own sales con­fer­ence, but skip the

sun­roof to maximise head space. Boot is also the largest

here, which is al­most as ca­pa­cious as an Audi A6 Avant’s

by vol­ume.

Let’s crunch the num­bers...

The most ex­pen­sive to run over three years, at 55.8ppm.

It’s the cheap­est to lease out of the four at £312pm** mind,

and is in a lower in­sur­ance group than the Audi and 508.

There are both ups and downs here – just like the thumb

po­si­tions of passers-by. VER­DICT

Prac­ti­cal and strik­ing, but a sheep in wolf’s cloth­ing

You’ll have to swerve lust- illed by­standers, be­lieve it or not

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