Re­caro to the res­cue

Plenty of room in the back for a child seat. But how to choose the right one? By Ben Pul­man


HOT ON THE heels of ex­cit­ing sup­port-car du­ties at last month’s Sports Car Gi­ant Test, the Ar­teon and I have re­turned to a more mun­dane life, namely go­ing back and forth to Mother­care. First with my wife, where we found our pram. I was sold on the ‘alu­minium and mag­ne­sium al­loy chas­sis’ and ‘punc­ture-proof tyres’. Mrs Pul­man liked the fact it had a cupholder and came in a fab­ric that matched her ap­proved colour scheme. As a bonus there was even space for an ac­tual baby. Into the Ar­teon’s big boot it went, along with count­less baby­grows.

Then I went back on my own to fuss over car seats. And then I was back again, be­cause so caught up was I in the prospect of a swiv­el­ling car seat (to aid load­ing baby in and out) that I’d for­got­ten to get a nappy bin. Then I was back again, to bother the sales as­sis­tants about car seats once more, and to bore them about how the Ar­teon’s long wheel­base and cor­re­spond­ingly long doors would make the process of test­ing the Isofix seats in their car park much eas­ier than usual.

As an ex­pec­tant fa­ther, un­til baby ar­rives, this is about the only job I can do. Be­ing rather keen on cars, I took pride in choos­ing the right seat.

I even­tu­ally found one the mo­tor­ing jour­nal­ist in me can ap­prove of. It swivels and the baby seat lifts out of the base too, the only one to do so. Bet­ter yet, it’s not made by Joie or Maxi-Cosi or any other baby com­pany, but Re­caro. A proper car brand. Some­how, I tell my­self, this will ig­nite her in­ter­est in what daddy does for a liv­ing. Given I’m banned from dress­ing our im­mi­nent ar­rival in a Liver­pool kit, and my choice of name (which would have given her the ini­tials ESP) has been outlawed, this is my chance to foist my pas­sion upon my daugh­ter. It’s ei­ther that or I’ll be do­ing the night feeds in front of NBA games…


Pul­man’s child seat com­bines safety, style and un­nec­es­sary tech­i­ness. A clear win­ner

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