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Just when the Auris was start­ing to

look nicer!

Jab­u­lani Ngubane

Toy­ota should look at what Hyundai and Kia have done to learn from their mis­takes.

Ve­dran Kapov

‘More Corol­las sold world­wide than any other model…’ Ex­cept this bears no re­sem­blance to the 1966 Corolla. It would be a bit like VW in­clud­ing all the Golf vari­ants in their Bee­tle sales


Chris Bal­lan­tine

What is wrong with Toy­ota? You can see their think­ing: ’Let’s call the new Auris a Corolla as the Auris didn’t sell.’ Un­for­tu­nately for Toy­ota, the Auris didn’t sell be­cause it wasn’t very good, not be­cause of its name.

Steve Jewiss


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