Aston Martin DB7 Coupe (1993)

DB7 made Callum’s name, designed while consulting for Aston at the Tom Walkinshaw Racing design studio. The soft, elegant surfaces brought Aston Martin back to life too. Transforma­tional.

Ford Puma (1997)

Also designed at TWR, the characterf­ul Puma was a smash hit for the masses,

although Callum admits it wasn’t perfect. ‘It sat too high because of aero requiremen­ts, but it’s weathered well.’

Jaguar XF (2007)

Another crucial design in the history of a brand – this time Jaguar. The C-XF concept and XF production car started Jag’s modern era and introduced a new

face still seen on its latest products.

Jaguar F-Pace (2016)

After years not wanting to design an SUV, F-Pace is arguably best of the bunch. Infused with F-Type, the long nose, short front/long rear overhang, big wheels and judicious curves hit the spot.

Jaguar i-Pace (2018)

Genuine trailblaze­r of an EV. With no engine up front, the windscreen moves forward and a huge passenger space is created – beautifull­y appointed and modern with it. Future classic.

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