The CAR effect

Wildly expensive watches inspired by CAR interviews? Surely not…

- By Ben Oliver

Two subjects of recent CAR features have just produced high-end chronograp­h watches: a su ciently odd coincidenc­e for us to rope in a third pricey new chrono and call it a theme. There’s a new watch from Porsche restorer Singer (we spoke to partner Maz Fawaz in the April issue) and Ferrari’s Flavio Manzoni (June) has designed one with Hublot. Vacheron Constantin’s boss hasn’t featured, but if he gave us one of his watches we’d definitely send him an issue. Normal prices will resume next month.

01 I Singer FlyTrack £21,000 (est’d)

Singer Reimagined is the watch division of the fêted Porsche fettler. Their first watch, the Track1, won major awards for its radical rethinking of the traditiona­l mechanical chronograp­h. This new FlyTrack model is a concept for now, but its simple design with a single ‘flyback’ second hand tracking elapsed time is just as ground-breaking. It goes on sale later this year. singerreim­

02 I Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT From £18,200

Hublot is a high-end Swiss brand known for its brash designs. It’s also Ferrari’s current watch partner and this new piece is inspired by the marque’s GT cars. Ferrari’s urbane design chief Flavio Manzoni designed this watch, keeping Hublot’s more garish instincts at bay. Like the Singer it’s a flyback chronograp­h, and you can have the case made in titanium, Hublot’s ‘King Gold’, or 3D carbonfibr­e borrowed from F1.

03 I Vacheron Constantin Historique­s Cornes de Vache 1955 £32,900

Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe are known as the Holy Trinity of Swiss watch-making: Rolex is a mass-market upstart by comparison. Of those three, VC is the oldest – it was founded in 1755. First made in 1955, this watch was VC’s first water-resistant chrono and is now massively sought-after, and has just been reissued in steel.

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