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All fu­ture hot Peu­geots will wear Peu­geot Sport badg­ing, but it’s not the generic tag it might ap­pear. Its ori­gins date to the early 1980s, when Jean Todt (then rally co-driver, now FIA boss) and Guy Fréquelin (then rally driver, later Citroën WRC team boss dur­ing some of the Loeb era) founded Peu­geot Tal­bot Sport. Its first car set the bar high in 1984, the mid-en­gined 205 T16 Group B rally weapon. Later just Peu­geot Sport, it has seen suc­cess in WRC, sports car rac­ing and F1 (as an en­gine sup­plier), and tri­umphed on the Dakar and at Pikes Peak. It last won Le Mans in 2009, with the 908, and in ’92 and ’93 with the 905 (be­low). The sell is that the mo­tor­sport team al­ready worked its magic on pre­vi­ous road-car hits the RCZ R, 208 GTI 30th An­niver­sary and 308 GTI.

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