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Bored with mod­ern, looky-likey F1 cars? Then you need the ’60s: at the start of the decade, front-en­gined cars race mid-en­gined, and straight-sixes bat­tle flat-fours and V6s. By the end of the decade, it’s V8s ver­sus V12s – and even an H16. En­gine ca­pac­ity drops from 2.5 litres to 1.5, and then goes back up to 3.0 litres. Teams ex­per­i­ment with four-wheel drive and aero. With Colin Chap­man, John Cooper and Bruce McLaren (be­low) all tin­ker­ing away in their sheds, barely a week goes by with­out some­one com­ing up with a gas-tur­bine en­gine or anti-grav­ity paint. But the pace of change also brings tragedy: speeds in­crease, ex­per­i­ments fail and F1 driv­ers die at an av­er­age of one per year. Which is why it’s in the ’60s that safety be­comes an is­sue for the first time.

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