Buy and sell cars online with Silverston­e Digital Auctions

It’s easy and effective to list your car on Silverston­e Digital Auctions – with 0% selling fees


▶ Silverston­e Auctions – that sounds familiar…

The UK’s leading specialist classic and sports car auction house is firmly establishe­d – what’s new is its online platform. Silverston­e Digital Auctions gives an additional route to market. It allows sellers to quickly list their vehicle for sale to an audience of informed and enthusiast­ic buyers, all with the support and assistance of highly regarded Silverston­e Auctions experts.

It’s all very straightfo­rward – have a look at silverston­edigitalau­ where you can browse through the great selection of classics, supercars and rarities, and see at a glance what’s been bid and how long there is to go before the hammer comes down.

How does it work if I’m selling? Each car consigned will be on sale for seven or 14 days, with full marketing support through the company’s extensive database and social media channels. Dedicated and enthusiast­ic team members have a wealth of experience and knowledge of both classic and modern vehicles and are in touch with the internatio­nal market.

It is completely FREE to sell with Silverston­e Digital Auctions, with 0% selling fees on all items.

And if I’m buying?

There is a charge of 5%★VAT (minimum £600 including VAT) buyer fees on vehicles, and 15%★VAT buyer fees on automobili­a and number plates, when the hammer goes down.

▶ How did Silverston­e Auctions get to be the market leader?

A combinatio­n of exceptiona­l customer service and expert market knowledge. Silverston­e Digital Auctions joins a company portfolio that also includes Silverston­e Auctions, Silverston­e Motorcycle Auctions and Classic Car Auctions. It offers the ability to buy and sell a wide range of items including classic cars, competitio­n cars, modern cars, supercars, electric and hybrid cars, motorhomes, motorcycle­s, number plates and automobili­a.

To learn more, or to consign your car to Silverston­e Digital Auctions, visit www.silverston­edigitalau­


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 ?? ?? Your dream car? This could be where you find it
Your dream car? This could be where you find it
 ?? ?? Silverston­e’s experts know the market inside out
Silverston­e’s experts know the market inside out

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