The secret’s out

Word has finally got around: more and more people know how good the Jogger is. By Jordan Butters


The story so far

Simple, keenly priced estate with the option of seven seats, or five and a vast boot

★ A hugely practical car

- Mild-hybrid system and gearbox aren’t perfect


Price £24,645 (£25,295 as tested) Performanc­e 1598cc four-cylinder, 140bhp, 10.0sec 0-62mph, 103mph E ciency 57.6mpg (o‡cial), 50.3mpg (tested), 109g/km CO2 Energy cost 13.8p per mile Miles this

month 1120 Total miles 7995 ‘Good, aren’t they?’ whispers the middle-aged gent as I load the Jogger at the supermarke­t. He’s just pulled up in a Dacia Duster, and it feels like we both know the same secret.

During my six-month tenure with the Jogger I’ve generally come across two types of folk. If you’ve ever been in a Dacia you tend to admire them. Or there are those who have never given a Dacia a second glance. My most recent example of this worked at Stansted airport’s valet parking desk – someone who handles the keys for literally hundreds of different cars each week. ‘What on Earth’s a Jogger?’ she asked, so I opened up my phone’s camera roll to show her a photo, like a proud dad.

But what’s it like to live with? I cover a lot of miles, transport a lot of kit, work, eat and live out of my car, and it has to be able to go pretty much anywhere. With the two rear-most seats removed the boot is cavernous (my garage less so, as it now has two extra seats in it). The ride is comfortabl­e, helped by smaller wheels with actual sidewalls.

There’s enough power available and, thanks to the electric boost, torque is on tap right away. As it’s a mild hybrid, you never have to worry about range or plugging it in to charge.

There’s keyless entry and ignition that works well. You’ve got CarPlay/Android Auto, heated seats, climate control, cruise, parking sensors and a rear-facing camera – just enough tech.

It’s not all good news. At times it feels like keeping the battery topped up is more important to the hybrid system than delivering a pleasant driving experience – the auto ’box will hold onto a gear for far too long in order to add some juice to the EV system, making it sound like you’re doing 6000rpm in second gear on a dual carriagewa­y and should surrender your licence immediatel­y.

There can be a disconcert­ing step in braking pressure where the regenerati­on stops sapping energy and the brakes are allowed to do their thing. (These issues can be dealt with by opting for the cheaper 999cc three-cylinder turbocharg­ed manual version.) And the traction control can be overbearin­g at times.

All things considered, if you’re in the market for a seven-seater, the Jogger has to be a leading contender. Heck, if you want a five-seater with a ridiculous­ly large boot, and the flexibilit­y to take two extra people, then it’s still a no-brainer – what else is there that does what the Jogger does, at this price point, and does it this well?

Count the cost

Price new £25,295 Part exchange £19,730 Cost per mile 13.8p Cost per mile including depreciati­on 87.0p

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The glamorous life of a profession­al photograph­er
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Dacia Jogger Extreme Hybrid 140 Month 6

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