BMW X5 50e

THE GOOD: Massive 67-mile oƒcial e-range; horizon-eating performanc­e

THE BAD: Hybrid hardware cuts into boot space to the tune of 150 litres; no seven-seat option

THE UGLY: Not much now that the facelifted 50e model with more e-range and power is here

THE ONE TO BUY: This one, for £81k


THE GOOD: Bravely avant-garde design; decent fuel economy; diŽerent

THE BAD: Still persisting with the infernally small steering wheel

THE UGLY: |nterior layout looks fab but can be a stressfest to use day-to-day

THE ONE TO BUY: Starts at £399 per month for the 180. Stretch to 225 spec with extra power and kit if you can


THE GOOD: Handling; driver focus; choice of body styles; 0-62mph in 5.0sec

THE BAD: Bigger battery for facelift model but still can’t match the X5

THE UGLY: The front passenger touchscree­n: £1000 and not needed

THE ONE TO BUY: |f you value the U in SUV, steer clear of the coupe – even if it is a great steer


THE GOOD: Hey, it’s like a Golf GT| with bigger mpg and lower emissions!

THE BAD: |t’s like a Golf GT| without the traction or sparkle

THE UGLY: Mechanical­ly similar Skoda Octavia vRS PHEV is stronger on value

THE ONE TO BUY: The GTE is £40,650, but it’s in short supply so you may need to look around

BMW 330e

THE GOOD: Goes sub-six to 62mph and up to 41 electric miles on a charge

THE BAD: Engine is slightly coarse; plain 330i is less heavy, more fun

THE UGLY: Hybrid kit eats into boot space so regular 3s are roomier

THE ONE TO BUY: Choice of saloon or estate. Handsome, vaguely aŽordable 330e M Sport Touring is £49k

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