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THE Sher­iff of Not­ting­ham (Ben Men­del­sohn) is­sues a draft no­tice to Lord Robin of Lox­ley (Taron Eger­ton, pic­tured) to fight in the Cru­sades in Ara­bia. Dur­ing four gru­elling years away from his sweet­heart Mar­ian (Eve Hew­son), Robin is bat­tle-hard­ened by his ex­pe­ri­ences un­der Com­man­der Guy Gis­bourne (Paul An­der­son).

Robin wit­nesses bru­tal­ity per­pe­trated by the English against en­emy pris­on­ers and de­fies his com­rades to pro­tect a Moor called John ( Jamie Foxx), whose son is tor­tured.

Robin re­turns to Not­ting­ham in dis­grace and learns that the Sher­iff has falsely re­ported his death and seized his as­sets. A grief-stricken Mar­ian is now in the arms of com­mu­nity leader Will Till­man ( Jamie Dor­nan). Heart­bro­ken and en­raged by the hand that fate has dealt him, Robin trains with John to over­throw the Sher­iff, whose war taxes have im­pacted the poor­est in so­ci­ety.

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