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1. Which Emmerdale character is portrayed by Charlotte Bellamy?

2. Which Britpop band consists of brothers Gaz and Rob Coombes, Mick Quinn and Danny Goffey?

3. Which Red Dwarf star has co-presented The Gadget Show on Channel 5 since 2017?

4. Newsreader Clive Myrie is to be the new presenter of which longrunnin­g BBC1 quiz show?

5. The film El Camino was a sequel to which American neo-western crime drama television series?

6. What is the name of the backing band of indie musician Florence Welch?

7. Is This the Life We Really Want? was the 2017 album by which former Pink Floyd star? 8. What is the name of the school bus driver for Springfiel­d Elementary School in The Simpsons?

9. With which single did Dutch DJ and record producer Martin Garrix top the UK charts in 2013?

10. Who did The Inbetweene­rs star Blake Harrison portray in the 2016 film remake of Dad's Army?

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