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Ru­pert is glad to fi­nally see the back of win­ter and starts to look for­ward at the sea­son ahead

Christ, that was a ‘quick’ month! I’m not sure quite what’s oc­curred re­cently but it only seems like last week that I was sat here, won­der­ing where on earth to be­gin for my first ed­i­to­rial. Where does the time go? For what­ever rea­sons, namely a dis­tinct lack of fish­ing-mojo, some pretty grue­some weather con­di­tions of late, plus a few oth­ers I’d rather not delve into in the pub­lic do­main, I still seem to be some­what in limbo for things to mull over and write about, but at least there fi­nally seems to be some light at the end of the tun­nel.

As I sit here, the past month has re­vealed a num­ber of pos­i­tives, the first of which is the fact that the days are start­ing to draw out. And fast! There has been a dis­tinct lift in both day and night­time tem­per­a­tures, there are buds on the trees and the oc­ca­sional flower on the ground if you look hard enough. So hope­fully it won’t be too much longer be­fore all of us fair weather sports­men can put down our key­boards, dust off the fish­ing gear and go and try to catch one. Off the bot­tom. Which means they ac­tu­ally count, ob­vi­ously.

Se­condly, the start of many tick­ets on wa­ters across the land, also sig­nals the end of the show sea­son and for that I am truly grate­ful. I’ve never re­ally been one for queu­ing. Add to that, traips­ing aim­lessly around a hall, full of stuff I’ve al­ready got, while keep­ing one eye out for clumsy peo­ple who are seem­ingly in­tent on scuff­ing my lat­est footwear at ev­ery turn and you’ve got a com­bi­na­tion that re­ally pushes my but­tons. But I still go. Ev­ery time. And now I have an obli­ga­tion to as well!

Lastly, and quite pos­si­bly most im­por­tant of all, is the news that I have man­aged to find space on an in­cred­i­bly full book­ing sys­tem at Abbey, for a few days to­wards the end of May. Although Shoul­ders is no more, Heron was al­ways about so much more than that one, stand-out fish for me and I’m pos­i­tively drool­ing at the thought of do­ing bat­tle with some of its stock once more, at what should be a prime time of the year. Fin­gers crossed it will all un­fold in spec­tac­u­lar fash­ion and give me some­thing worth­while to re­port in a later ed­i­to­rial. And even if it doesn’t go to plan, there is still gen­uinely nowhere else I’d rather be fish­ing given the choice.

Flit­ting back to the shows for a minute, it was very en­cour­ag­ing to see that ev­ery one of them was very well at­tended, re­gard­less of the weather, which did try its worst on a cou­ple of oc­ca­sions. On a more se­ri­ous note, it was truly heart-warm­ing to re­ceive so much praise and a pos­i­tive vibe from all the guys I met be­tween Brent­wood and Farn­bor­ough, es­pe­cially as I’d not even had an is­sue pub­lished un­til the day be­fore the fi­nal show. So, thank you all!

The North­ern Show in Manch­ester was a stand­out for me. It has im­proved and grown, year-on-year and is now quite a spec­ta­cle. Be­ing

sur­rounded by ho­tels and the Traf­ford Cen­tre, the lo­ca­tion does lend it­self to a par­tic­u­larly de­cent so­cial too!

I’m re­ally look­ing for­ward to my fish­ing this sea­son. Due to hav­ing spent so much of the win­ter just loi­ter­ing by the phone, on stand-by for catch photos on be­half of RK Leisure and the ac­cep­tance of this new role too, I’d lost a lit­tle en­thu­si­asm and drive to get out and bag my­self a (de­cent) fish or two. I cer­tainly hadn’t had the time to re­ally look at vi­able venues closer to home, let alone pur­chase tick­ets for any. Yet, af­ter a brief well-mean­ing, clear-out of my ruck­sack a week or so ago, I’ve once again got the urge to go and catch next to bug­ger all, although I’ll be look­ing good do­ing it!

Ev­ery­thing has been scaled down to per­fec­tion. I have come into pos­ses­sion of a brand new brolly and a won­drous set of 10ft rods and suit­ably-small, although not minute, reels and I will ac­tu­ally be mak­ing an ef­fort to find the fish this year – in­stead of set­tling on a nice spot out of the sun, wind and/ or rain and hop­ing for the best, although that does still seem to work oc­ca­sion­ally.

I will prob­a­bly wind up spend­ing any spare morn­ings and af­ter­noons at my dis­posal, mak­ing my­self dizzy on the Boat Pool again; how­ever, my eye has been taken by some­where, much, much larger and if I could man­age to win­kle out just one of the old ’uns from this truly won­der­ful place, then I’d take that as a ma­jor coup, par­tic­u­larly as I’ll be do­ing it all from the bank.

That’s re­ally about it from me, for now at least. By the time you are all read­ing this, the weather should be well on the up and all the nui­sances should be full of the joys of spring. So, for a few short months at least, we can all fo­cus on what’s im­por­tant to us, in­stead of wor­ry­ing about all sorts of un­nec­es­sary non­sense that con­tin­ues to di­vide us all each win­ter.

Un­til next month, be lucky...

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