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My prob­lem is fish­ing in silt. Can you please give me some ex­pert ad­vice on how to fish for carp in silt, as the lakes I am cur­rently fish­ing have a very soft bot­tom. What would you rec­om­mend in the way of rigs and how would you go about bait­ing up in silt?

I am not sure whether us­ing boilies is best or par­ti­cles, or would PVA bags be bet­ter? Fi­nally, would you sug­gest pop-ups or bot­tom baits?

I would be very grate­ful for your help in this mat­ter.

Best Re­gards,

Ron Bull Thanks for the ques­tion, Ron. When fish­ing silty lakes, or silty ar­eas within a lake, there are a few things you need to think about. Firstly, I would go about find­ing the smoothest area I could, by hav­ing a thor­ough feel around with a marker rod and lead. I would be look­ing for the clean­est silt pos­si­ble, like a sheet of glass. This would sug­gest to me that fish fre­quently feed on this area. Se­condly, I’d give se­ri­ous thought to which lead set-up and rig to use. My first choice would be a he­li­copter lead set-up. As far as hook­bait choice goes, this would ei­ther be a pop-up or crit­i­cally­bal­anced bait. When it comes to bait­ing up I would use boilie crumb as this is very light and very slow sink­ing so would set­tle lightly on the lake bed.

If I was turn­ing up at the lake and I saw signs of fish, I would opt for a chod rig. This vir­tu­ally guar­an­tees your rig will be pre­sented prop­erly ev­ery sin­gle time. You also men­tioned solid

PVA bags. If I was go­ing to use them on silty ar­eas I would keep all the air trapped within the bag, so do not pierce it. This method is com­monly-known as the para­chute bag and it al­lows ev­ery­thing to set­tle a lot slower, pre­vent­ing the bag and rig sink­ing into the bot­tom as the lead set­tles. An­other idea would be to use hemp/ par­ti­cles, along­side a small wafter hook­bait. The carp will root around, eat­ing all the hemp and par­ti­cles and with a small hook­bait sit­ting nicely amongst them, it shouldn’t be too long be­fore you are play­ing a large carp. If you keep this method go­ing for a few weeks the area will be­come nice and firm as the carp clear all the silt away whilst look­ing for food, cre­at­ing a per­fect feed­ing spot.

I hope this helps.

All the best,

Bal­anced Wafters are my first choice hook­bait when fish­ing over par­ti­cles

Boilie crumb works great when fish­ing over silt

A Chod Rig, per­fect when the carp are show­ing over an area you’re un­sure of

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