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My brother and I have joined three new wa­ters. The first two are okay as they al­low boilies but, the third one has a boilie ban. Most of the an­glers on there use hal­ibut or trout pel­let for bait, these are not work­ing that well, plus the bream are prov­ing a prob­lem with these pel­lets.

So please could you give us an idea on what to use for hook­baits, as well as some­thing to feed the area to hold the carp. It would be a great help.

We want to try and be dif­fer­ent from the other an­glers and get in amongst the carp so, any help on this would be much ap­pre­ci­ated. Thanks very much for your time.


Bai­ley James Hi Bai­ley,

I too have had to fish without boilies on some wa­ters in the past. Nowa­days, I don’t agree with the ban as boilies are a great nu­tri­tional bait for the fish but that’s an­other story.

Per­son­ally I wouldn’t worry too much about catch­ing bream. It sim­ply demon­strates that your rigs and bait are both work­ing cor­rectly. Even­tu­ally, the carp will move in, if you keep the bait trick­ling in, and they will push the bream out.

Any­way, you asked for a so­lu­tion, so here are a cou­ple of meth­ods that I’ve used to great ef­fect on many dif­fer­ent wa­ters over the years. The ob­vi­ous one would be par­ti­cles. They will hold fish in an area for quite some time as they tear the bot­tom up to get to them. It also clears the area of weed as they do so. If you look at the Main­line Power+ Par­ti­cle range they are pre­pared per­fectly for this. You can mix dif­fer­ent ones to­gether, cre­at­ing a be­spoke mix that no carp can re­sist.

For hook­baits you can use a few things. A tiger nut as a hook­bait will catch ev­ery carp that swims. A sim­ple hair-rigged one will work well. I like to shave off the outer skin so it looks white when fish­ing over par­ti­cles. Also well worth a try would be a sin­gle top­per from Main­line, they would work very well if fished in this sit­u­a­tion. They look like grains of corn but they break down af­ter a time.

An­other way to get around the boilie ban is to use paste baits. Make up your pre­ferred boilie mix and wrap some around a cork ball. I’ve caught many a wily old carp us­ing this. You have to re­cast reg­u­larly but the ef­fort is worth it. You can even bait up with small balls of paste to at­tract them to the area you’re fish­ing.

Any of the above will help put carp on the bank. I hope this is use­ful ad­vice for you and I look for­ward to see­ing some catch pics.

Kind re­gards,

This stun­ning com­mon fell to a Main­line Top­per fished over Power+ hemp

Top­pers are a great hook­bait to fish in con­junc­tion with par­ti­cles

Main­lines Power+ par­ti­cles are pre­pared to give you in­stant ac­tion

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