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Liv­ing in Wilt­shire, Rob is man­ager of Carp Team Eng­land and a BT Sport pre­sen­ter. Spon­sored by Fox and Dy­na­mite, he be­lieves that hav­ing a clear un­der­stand­ing of what is go­ing on in the aquatic world is a mas­sive, mas­sive edge and his many years of scuba div­ing, com­bined with carp fish­ing at lit­er­ally hun­dreds of venues, both at home and over­seas, has given him a great in­sight into what is needed and when.

In the UK I’m not much of a heavy baiter at any time of year to be hon­est. That’s prob­a­bly down to the fact that I tend to fish short ses­sions and spend my time hunt­ing them down, as op­posed to wait­ing for them to come to me. Sadly, be­cause I’m very busy, sin­gle or even half-day ses­sions, or ‘quick overnighters’ are the norm. So I have to work on wa­ter­craft, get­ting it in the right place and mak­ing sure what I present to the carp will be eaten very, very quickly.

The ab­so­lute key at this time of year is to find where the carp are com­fort­able. The sun is com­ing out and the fish are start­ing to move. In the next few weeks the dif­fer­ence be­tween the up­per and lower lay­ers of wa­ter, as far as tem­per­a­ture is con­cerned, will be mas­sive. No amount of bait will pull them into the deep wa­ter when they can sit in the warmer bits.

I re­mem­ber div­ing in spring at Bundy’s Pit a few years ago and the fish would not feed be­low a cer­tain depth. The owner used to throw a bucket of maize in the same area ev­ery few days. I could see where it had been eaten in the shal­lows but left in the deep wa­ter. The cut off was 17 feet, and noth­ing be­low was eaten, but ev­ery­thing above it was.

The chances are they will be in the shal­lower wa­ter, or in the up­per lay­ers on your lake too. If they’re in the up­per lay­ers, a zig would be my start­ing point. This means no bait around it other than maybe one or two spods of slop just to put a smell in the area. If the lo­ca­tion is right, I don’t need to ham­mer a lot of bait around it. The fish will be there. Clear wa­ter at this time of year means you can get away with sin­gle, black zig-align­ers and they will be as good as al­most any­thing.

On the deck, the place where I will put bait is in the shal­lows, the mar­gins or, al­ter­na­tively, if I can find the top of a bar in open wa­ter. I love sticks/bags and small scat­ter­ings of corn, which are all re­ally easy to find and eat. A small stick of Dy­na­mite’s Ac­tive Sweet and Nutty Stick mix, glugged with Sweet Tiger Nut liq­uid carp food, fished over corn, will be ideal. The liq­uids are just as im­por­tant as the solids.

The sim­ple fact is that where there is warmth, there will be fish, and if you get that right you don’t need to pile it in for a while yet. Just bear in mind that if you are fish­ing on the top of a bar it’s bet­ter to break round baits down so they can’t roll down and out of the way.



CAPTIONS 1 - Af­ter­noon, short-ses­sion suc­cess from a lo­cal day-ticket. A lit­tle bag in the right place... job done! 2 - Black zig align­ers are ab­so­lutely bril­liant. Be­cause carp have po­lar­is­ing lenses in their eyes, the colour re­ally stands out...

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