I was in­ter­ested to read the Rigworld piece by El­lis Bra­zier, in Jan­uary’s is­sue (328) re­gard­ing the DP Rig named af­ter Dave Pre­ston, who has come up with a sim­ple but ef­fec­tive way to help his curved hook sec­tion gain a bet­ter grip. Both Dave and El­lis have been us­ing the rig and have caught re­ally well on it. They put it down to the short, stiff 2mm length of bris­tle fil­a­ment that pro­trudes from the wall of the shrink tube (see photo) as be­ing the rea­son for it hook­ing per­haps more carp than it might have oth­er­wise done. I have no doubt, if the hook en­ters a carp’s mouth as in­tended, the added bris­tle claw will aim to grip its bot­tom lip and help to pre­vent the hook from be­ing dis­lodged if the carp shakes its head.

How­ever, El­lis men­tioned the rig can be used with a popup, and that he’d been us­ing it with his favourite snow­man pre­sen­ta­tion which will ob­vi­ously lay the curved hook sec­tion flat on the bot­tom, as op­posed to it be­ing stood up. I don’t know if El­lis has noted the ra­tio of catches us­ing a pop-up com­pared to the snow­man pre­sen­ta­tion, but I would be in­ter­ested to find out. The rea­son I’m in­ter­ested is be­cause it has al­ways been my ex­pe­ri­ence that a short, curved hook­link, hooks carp far more ef­fi­ciently and more of­ten when us­ing a bot­tom bait than it does with a pop-up. One of my orig­i­nal three-inch Am­ne­sia stiff rigs curved and held in place us­ing sil­i­con tub­ing did pre­cisely that. Most fish were hooked in the bot­tom lip with this rig, more likely be­cause the curved hook­link had a ten­dency to au­to­mat­i­cally drop the hook be­hind the bot­tom lip when taken di­rectly from ly­ing flat on the bot­tom. I’m not sug­gest­ing Dave’s bris­tle claw isn’t mak­ing a dif­fer­ence to his catches, but I think the rel­e­vance of a curved hook sec­tion, used with a bot­tom bait in­stead of a pop-up, that can eas­ily be nudged and spin away from the lip, might be some­thing we all tend to over­look. Any­how, it’s food for thought.

DP rig fea­tured in Jan­uary’s Rigworld

One of my orig­i­nal Am­ne­sia three-inch curved stiff rigs that al­ways per­formed bet­ter with a bot­tom bait than a pop-up

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