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This month sees Carp­world take a look at a well-es­tab­lished French venue, best suited to the more ad­ven­tur­ous an­gler

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This month sees Carp­world take a look at a well-es­tab­lished French venue, best suited to the more ad­ven­tur­ous an­gler

Carp­world: Where is your wa­ter lo­cated? Etang 5: We are lo­cated in Pont-sain­temax­ence, 60700. Ap­prox­i­mately 30 min­utes north of Paris and close to the town of Com­piègne.

CW: What travel op­tions are avail­able to get to the lake – e.g. ferry ports, air­ports? E5: Charles de Gaulle air­port is sit­u­ated on the north­ern out­skirts of Paris but for al­most our en­tire au­di­ence, the eas­i­est way to get to us is via the ferry port at Calais and a short jour­ney down two con­nect­ing mo­tor­ways.

CW: How long does it take to get there? E5: From Calais, Etang 5 is 237km away. This rep­re­sents an ap­prox­i­mate two hour drive. CW: What size is the wa­ter?

E5: Etang 5 is 41 hectares in size, or 101 acres in old money...

CW: Ap­prox­i­mately how many fish does it hold?

E5: It has an amaz­ing stock, in­clud­ing some very large, in­di­vid­ual carp, with weights up to 86lb. The sheer vol­ume of big fish over 40lb is in­cred­i­ble.

CW: Any more in­for­ma­tion about the big­gest fish?

E5: Although our pre­vi­ous largest and best known fish, Dino, passed away a year or so ago, Scar­face is around 86lb in weight. CW: What is the av­er­age size of the fish present?

E5: A good es­ti­mate would be about 30lb we think. Although there are quite a few smaller fish, these are com­pen­sated for by the large head of 40lb-plus carp.

CW: What tend to be the most suc­cess­ful baits?

E5: Good qual­ity fish­meal boilies will al­ways prove suc­cess­ful here – when the fish are in the mood, ob­vi­ously. It is worth bear­ing in mind that there are also cray­fish present, so the use of large, rock-hard, meshed or plas­tic baits will be nec­es­sary for your peace of mind.

CW: How many peo­ple can fish the lake at one time?

E5: We al­low for a max­i­mum of 16 an­glers. De­spite the size of the venue, we like to give ev­ery­one plenty of ‘el­bow’ room.

CW: Can the lake be booked by a group? E5: Yes, it can. Ex­clu­sive book­ings are al­ways wel­come, although you’ll need to give us plenty of no­tice as the di­ary al­ways fills fairly quickly with sin­gu­lar or smaller book­ings at the turn of each year.

CW: How many swims are on the lake? E5: There are just eight (dou­ble) swims spread across the 100 acres.

CW: Do any of the swim stand out as more pro­duc­tive than oth­ers?

E5: Although swims 1 and 8 are the most pop­u­lar swims, ev­ery swim can and will pro­duce on its day. They all have a host of dif­fer­ent fea­tures that are well worth find­ing with a bit of in­ves­tiga­tive work from the boat.

CW: What do I need to take?

E5: Ev­ery­thing! It is never worth leav­ing any­thing to chance and although there is a tackle shop in the near­est town, it is bet­ter to come pre­pared. You will also need to bring your own (row­ing) boat and of course, a life­jacket!

CW: Is there a town nearby?

E5: Yes, Pont-sainte-max­ence is just a 5 minute drive from the fish­ery gate.

CW: What fa­cil­i­ties are on of­fer (show­ers, toi­lets, etc.)?

E5: There is a san­i­tary block with hot and cold wa­ter, a sink, a shower and a WC. Our club­house has so­lar pan­els, al­low­ing you to charge your boat bat­ter­ies, etc. Pa­trick is al­ways around to of­fer ad­vice and/or help should you re­quire it. In the nearby vil­lage of Pont­saint-max­ence, 4km from the venue, you’ll find a su­per­mar­ket, bak­ery and other shops to buy any es­sen­tial food and sup­plies. CW: Is there any on-site ac­com­mo­da­tion? E5: No. Bank­side liv­ing is ‘a la bivvy’ for the du­ra­tion of your stay.

CW: Can I bring my part­ner along? E5: No prob­lem at all. Fam­ily or non­fish­ing guests are all very wel­come. A charge of 70€ per week is ap­pli­ca­ble though.

CW: Is bait sup­plied?

E5: There is some avail­able, but not much. Most peo­ple pre­fer bring­ing their own bait.

CW: What type of baits are al­lowed?

E5: We don’t have any bans per se, although we are very care­ful to en­sure that any­one wish­ing to use par­ti­cles and/ or nuts, has pre­pared them in a cor­rect man­ner prior to use.

CW: Are boats al­lowed?

E5: Yes, they are – both row­ing and bait boats. In fact they are al­most an es­sen­tial part of be­ing able to ne­go­ti­ate the chal­lenge of a wa­ter as large as Etang 5 suc­cess­fully.

CW: Are any boats avail­able on-site? E5: No. As we men­tioned ear­lier in the in­ter­view – you’re wel­come to bring your own how­ever (but a life­jacket is re­quired for any­body wish­ing to use a row­ing boat). CW: Is there a bailiff on site all the time? E5: Pa­trick is present dur­ing the day only.

CW: What tackle would be best (line, leads and hooks, etc.)?

E5: For all our UK cus­tomers, Jo Green will be best-placed to in­form you about this. You will be able to con­tact her on so­cial me­dia.

CW: Are carp sacks al­lowed?

E5: They are strictly for­bid­den. Carp should be left in the net or re­tained for the ab­so­lute min­i­mum pe­riod of time nec­es­sary to ar­range your weigh­ing and pho­to­graphic equip­ment.

CW: Are per­mits sup­plied in the price? E5: Yes. There are no hid­den fees in­volved. The cost for the week in­cor­po­rates all the rel­a­tive charges.

CW: Last, but not least, how much will it all cost?

E5: 380€ per an­gler per week, based on two an­glers shar­ing a swim from Satur­day to Satur­day. How­ever, any­one wish­ing to fish alone can book a dou­ble swim for 570€.

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