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This month we check out some new prod­ucts from Think­ing An­glers, Reuben Heaton, Iceatope, Tay­lors Lead Lounge and Gemini Carp Tackle

As you will all no doubt have seen, the chaps at TA have given the brand a ma­jor over­haul and, as of last month, their re­branded and ex­panded ter­mi­nal tackle range has been back on the shelves of all the lead­ing tackle shops na­tion­wide.

While you will, no doubt, be fa­mil­iar with the ma­jor­ity of the line-up, they have added a few key items right from the start, with the full range, in­clud­ing hooks, new hook­link ma­te­ri­als, tools and some fresh ad­di­tions to their lug­gage, set for a ma­jor launch early in 2019.

For now, there are three more swivels to choose from, with ring, quick link and ring quick links avail­able in both size 8 and 11. These along with the orig­i­nal seven that made up the range are all now fin­ished in their brand new, ‘in­dus­try first’ su­per-slick fin­ish. This dark grey PTFE coat­ing gives each and ev­ery one un­ri­valled move­ment.

The keenly awaited lead­core is now on the shelves too. Its ‘olive camo’ coloura­tion fea­tures a dis­rup­tive pat­tern that changes ev­ery 10cm along its length, mak­ing it suit­able for all man­ner of lakebeds. It car­ries a 45lb break­ing strain and is avail­able on 10m spools, or in ready-tied, 1 me­tre lengths with all the nec­es­sary beads and swivels for both chod and he­li­copter set-ups.

To com­plete the lead-core range, there are now three beads that seam­lessly cover all even­tu­al­i­ties: The safety top bead, which comes sup­plied with sil­i­cone tub­ing to pro­vide a safe set-up when fish­ing a he­li­copter rig, plus two static beads – a 5mm green rub­ber and a 5mm tung­sten bead, both with a much tighter bore than was pre­vi­ously avail­able.

There are also some dainty lit­tle 10mm cork balls, per­fect for those that pre­fer to fish smaller pop-ups, or bal­anced hook­baits.

Fi­nally, the marker float kit is back by pop­u­lar de­mand, although this has had an over­haul too; it now fea­tures up­graded com­po­nents and a large rub­ber bead in place of the old-style cork ball.

The Tidy Booms are hand-made here in the UK by Gemini Tackle. Formed us­ing a unique, bond­ing process to fuse the loops to­gether in­stead of via con­ven­tional crimp­ing or ty­ing, has cre­ated a far more se­cure and stronger loop with no dis­cernible weak point. They use a high qual­ity fluoro­car­bon in their make-up, with just the right blend of stiff­ness and sup­ple­ness, al­low­ing them to kick away from the lead, yet lie flat on the lakebed. They are su­per sleek and their tidy fin­ish gives for very neat rigs which al­low for the ad­di­tion of an­ti­tan­gle sleeves should you wish.

For the Tidy Booms, Gemini uses 30lb Fluro­car­bon with a 6mm fused loop at one end and the same again at the other end, with ei­ther a size 11 quick change ring swivel in­cor­po­rated which is ideal for Ron­nie rigs, or with a stan­dard size 8 swivel which is ideal for hinge rigs. The booms are ideal if you are look­ing for a way to help im­prove your rig pre­sen­ta­tion.

Many of you prob­a­bly won’t as­so­ci­ate Reuben Heaton with any­thing other than weigh scales but they are the dis­trib­u­tor for the Amer­i­can Trokar Ea­gle Claw hooks here in the UK.

We have seen a num­ber of high-pro­file an­glers us­ing these in re­cent years, although they may have been a lit­tle bit hes­i­tant about say­ing as much! These wickedly sharp hooks come in a num­ber of fa­mil­iar pat­terns, although their points are any­thing but.

Us­ing what is known as sur­gi­cally sharp­ened tech­nol­ogy or SST for short, they all fea­ture a three-sided, sym­met­ri­cal point that is scalpel sharp. De­signed in the USA, work­ing along­side an in­dus­try lead­ing man­u­fac­turer of nee­dles, they for­mu­lated a point specif­i­cally for an­gling us­ing a spe­cial high-car­bon Q741 wire which is then tem­pered to pro­vide the max­i­mum amount of strength, while al­low­ing just enough flex to re­sist break­ing.

Avail­able in five pat­terns; Chod, Wide Gape, Curve Shank, Long Shank and Heavy Duty and in sizes rang­ing from 1-10, they will cover ev­ery even­tu­al­ity.

All of the leads from Tay­lors Lead Lounge are hand­crafted and double coated to en­sure dura­bil­ity. They are avail­able in a choice of smooth or tex­tured fin­ishes and in a whole host of sizes, de­pend­ing on the style. All their leads are fin­ished with a large eye, matte black swivel that is com­pat­i­ble with all lead clips cur­rently on the mar­ket.

The in­line leads are avail­able in a choice of three styles: dumpy dis­tance, flat pear or square – and in weights from 2-3oz. These are ideal for PVA bag fish­ing or when us­ing run­ning rigs.

The fea­ture find­ing lead has a very dis­tinc­tive, nose­heavy shape, with four pro­tu­ber­ances at the end, which will un­doubt­edly high­light ev­ery bump, stone and change of lakebed. They also ben­e­fit from a very nar­row ‘shoul­der’ to help counter col­lect­ing too much weed on the re­trieve. They can be or­dered in 3oz or 4oz sizes and only come with a tex­tured coat­ing.

Their grip­per leads def­i­nitely aren’t the ones for fish­ing at range but the flat­tened shape, al­lied with a nob­bly fin­ish to each side will cer­tainly aid any­one fish­ing on the rivers or at range with the use of a boat. They come in a range of sizes be­tween 2-4oz and are avail­able in both the smooth and tex­tured coat­ings, and even a sandy fin­ish which is avail­able upon re­quest.

The back­leads do what they say on the tin. Avail­able in one size, they are per­fect for us­ing when tar­get­ing wary fish, fish­ing across deep mar­gins, or when fish­ing mul­ti­ple rods on a spot. Once again you have a choice of two tex­tured fin­ishes for these, or you can re­quest a smooth/sandy fin­ish if re­quired.

While it may be tough to wax lyri­cal about a bait­ing tool, these are a thing of beauty. The Night Nee­dle is con­structed from a clear VO poly­car­bon­ate body and fea­tures a 1.1mm high-car­bon steel nee­dle and built-in iso­tope. There are a range of nine colours to choose from, so you can ei­ther choose one to match the rest of your kit, or sim­ply opt for a bright green that will make scrab­bling about in the dark a thing of the past!

It comes com­plete with a 20mm split ring in the blunt end, this can ei­ther be used as a knot puller, or sim­ply to hang it up some­where for ease of lo­ca­tion af­ter dark.

They all ben­e­fit from an in­ter­change­able nee­dle/iso­tope mount, so if any­thing un­to­ward should hap­pen, you can sim­ply re­place the parts.

Think­ing An­glers BeadsRRP: £2.99On­line: www.thinkingan­glers.com

Think­ing An­glers Marker Float KitRRP: £2.99On­line: www.thinkingan­glers.com

Think­ing An­glers Lead­coreRRP: £7.99On­line: www.thinkingan­glers.com CARP­WORLD

Think­ing An­glers SwivelsRRP: £2.99On­line: www.thinkingan­glers.com

Think­ing An­glers Ter­mi­nal RangeRRP: From £1.99On­line: www.thinkingan­glers.com

Think­ing An­glers Cork BallsRRP: £7.99On­line: www.thinkingan­glers.com

Gemini Carp Tackle Tidy BoomsRRP: £3.49 for three - avail­able in 5.5 and 7inch On­line: www.gem­i­ni­carp­tackle.com

Reuben Heaton Trokar Hooks RRP: £5.99On­line: www.reuben­heaton.com

Iceatope Bait­ing Nee­dles RRP: £12.99On­line: www.iceatope.co.uk

Tay­lors Lead Lounge In­line, Back­leads, Fea­ture and Grip­per LeadsRRP: Prices from 70pOn­line: www.tay­lorslead­lounge.co.uk

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