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telling me about a spot be­hind the stand of pads by the lawn, where you crawled through the bram­ble tun­nel and fed them on a gravel patch, be­tween two feath­ery root rafts, and the sights I saw in there were amaz­ing. I would of­ten have The Pet feed­ing with its head out of the wa­ter on top of the root masses as it nois­ily slurped at frag­ments of bait left on them. It re­minded me of the old Randy Spit­tle ‘Yew Tree’ car­toon with the fish pok­ing its head out the wa­ter go­ing ‘oink-oink’. I loved him...

I prob­a­bly lost The Pet an­other cou­ple of times as the lake re­ally was a night­mare – and I was learn­ing and ad­just­ing my tackle ac­cord­ingly, as you’d get one thing ‘in­de­struc­tible’ only for an­other item to fail un­der the im­mense pres­sure of snags, pads and deep wa­ter.

First it was the hooks, then it was the hook­links, then it was the main­line! Then when you went through and stepped every­thing up an­other level you reached the per­for­mance limit of one of the key items in re­la­tion to the oth­ers and you’d nec­es­sar­ily search for a stronger, bet­ter ver­sion of that com­po­nent all over again.

In the end the ‘ever re­li­able’ Syl­cast was binned in favour of

15lb Big Game, and this was com­bined with new fan­gled 25lb Silk­worm and lit­tle shrimp-pat­tern

Owner eyed hooks; all mak­ing for a very ro­bust setup that paired well with my trusty 2½lb Ar­malites. How­ever, losses were still in­evitable (though re­duced), as some of the stands of pads were in 14ft of wa­ter and you’d hook fish at the base of them and they’d swing up on a locked-up tight line and be in the pads near the sur­face with hor­rific ease – but it was part of an on­go­ing learn­ing curve and also mega ex­cit­ing. I can safely say we loved it on there!

In the end I nailed the great fish cast­ing across to the pads from the Lawn and it was a case of get a bite (locked up) and im­me­di­ately pick the rod up and walk back un­til you were cross­ing the lit­tle lane that sep­a­rated the lake from the ma­rina next door. Even though I did this the fish topped right on the ex­trem­i­ties of the pads, which just shows that with line an­gles and stretch they have a lot more line to play with than you of­ten an­tic­i­pate!

At 30lb 2oz it was the per­fect way to scrape over the 30lb bar­rier. No silly 10lb PB gains or any­thing – just a grad­ual in­cre­men­tal step up that cer­tainly seemed to be the right way to do it (still is re­ally!)...

I was elated and look back at my time on that lovely, pic­turesque lit­tle lake with ab­so­lute joy. What an ex­pe­ri­ence, what a great time, sur­rounded by like­minded carp an­gling friends and en­joy­ing ab­so­lutely lovely times.

The Pet went on to make one more ‘migration’ end­ing up in a large gravel pit in Staines, where it was re­tired as it was a bit too friendly for its own good re­ally. In fact she grew and grew and soon be­came a 50-pounder in the lake’s fer­tile wa­ters with a larder of nat­u­rals that would be enough for any carp. A life less or­di­nary than many other carp – but then again The Pet was never or­di­nary...

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