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Age: 35 Favourite Venue: Some­where in Cam­bridgeshire UK PB: 55lb 5oz mir­ror


1 - Al­ways keep a jar in the car. You never know when it may come in handy

2 -I use ground cray­fish meal to add a lit­tle ex­tra (nat­u­ral) at­trac­tion

3 - Ready to go – a hand­ful of hemp, jazzed up with some­thing they love. Sim­ple!

4 - With the right ap­pli­ca­tion, hemp can make carp throw cau­tion to the wind when all else has failed

Wmy­self ell, for many years now the boilie ap­proach has al­most dom­i­nated the carp scene. We all fall into the trap,

in­cluded, week in and week out, be­com­ing al­most pre­dictable. I love boilie fish­ing but at times there is one other method I will chance try­ing to get an ex­tra bite. We have all been in the sit­u­a­tion where the fish seem un­catch­able, maybe by be­ing fo­cussed on the nat­u­rals or shy­ing away from the large amounts of boilies they have seen over the course of the year and/or sim­ply by be­ing hooked so many times as re­sult.

The method I have 100% con­fi­dence in and hardly ever see peo­ple us­ing, is to fish hemp but with hemp on the hair. All I do is glue a few grains onto a slither of cork and crit­i­cal bal­ance it with putty so it slowly slinks.

I’ve seen carp de­stroy a hand­ful of hemp in the mar­gins and per­son­ally caught fish that haven’t been out for many years. It’s a re­ally big eye-opener, see­ing how deep carp will dig them­selves into the silt, throw­ing cau­tion com­pletely out the win­dow. They will al­most be­come ob­sessed un­til ev­ery grain is de­voured and a hand­ful of hemp will go a long, long way.

The rea­son I per­son­ally think it’s so good is be­cause peo­ple don’t fish it on the hair, and it will keep carp in the area for hours, search­ing for it.

I per­son­ally use C.C. Moore’s Fresh In­tense Hemp, sold pre-cooked in a jar, but will add cray­fish meal to the hemp. If pos­si­ble I will also warm the hemp up just be­fore I in­tro­duce it to the wa­ter – this will re­lease the oils quicker mak­ing an ex­cel­lent ‘old school bait’, and un­der­used bait, even bet­ter.

You don’t need buck­ets and buck­ets ei­ther, small amounts will get you quicker bites. I will hap­pily fish a small stick over just a hand­ful of hemp. Also, if I’m fish­ing re­ally weedy lakes I can pre-bait with large amounts of the stuff, so it clears ar­eas quicker to fish.





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