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Age: 30 Favourite Venue: South­ern syn­di­cate UK PB: 41lb 10oz he syn­di­cate that I have been fish­ing this sea­son, is one that I have fished on and off for sev­eral years now. There­fore I have built up

of which types of weed grow and in which parts of the lake each one thrives in. Through­out the year the dif­fer­ent weeds and weed growth in the lake con­stantly change, re­sult­ing in my meth­ods used to fish through­out the year chang­ing as well.

At the be­gin­ning of this spring, when the lake started to warm up, the silk weed was the first to be­come ac­tive on the lake bed. Wher­ever I could find this fresh growth seemed to be win­ning ar­eas, as it held an abun­dance of nat­u­ral food sources.

Mov­ing into April/may and the start of this year’s heat­wave and the weed in the shal­lower end of the lake started to grow vig­or­ously, but wasn’t un­fish­able with the right tech­niques. On a par­tic­u­lar day I found the fish feed­ing in the fresh tas­sel pondweed and the first thing I did was to col­lect some of the weed with a grip­per-style lead to ob­tain the length of the weed that the fish were feed­ing in. This then al­lowed me to fish my chod rig at the right length and the beads at the cor­rect dis­tance from the lead.

In re­cent weeks the weed types that were grow­ing in the spring have died back and Cana­dian pondweed has started to be­come the dom­i­nant species of weed in the lake. A tool that I have used in re­cent years is the Deeper Pro Plus to in­form me of the height of the weed and to help iden­tify ar­eas of low ly­ing weed. This al­lows me to start pre-bait­ing and al­low­ing the fish to keep these ar­eas free of the Cana­dian pondweed. These ar­eas that did have fairly thick weed grow­ing have now been com­pletely cleared by the fish and are now a reg­u­lar source of ac­tion for me.

Don’t be scared of fish­ing in the weed, do some re­search on the types of weed and their life cy­cle that are present and, with your own tech­niques, this in­for­ma­tion will al­low you to stay one step ahead.

IM­AGES1 - A new PB, landed from a weedy south­ern syn­di­cate ear­lier this year 2 - Weedy venues can pro­vide you with great sport, given a lit­tle thought to your ap­proach 1


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