Day One

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Due to the scorch­ing heat, I opted to fish peg 13. It af­fords you at least a lit­tle shel­ter be­hind some trees but, more im­por­tantly, gives ac­cess to a nice, se­cluded bay, one of the few ar­eas free of any pos­si­ble in­tru­sion from other an­glers – un­less you’re a dab hand with a bait boat, eh Sean! I felt that there may well be a stalk­ing op­por­tu­nity on the cards so, with that in mind, I gave Welsh Paul the nod to pair-up and we went about get­ting the bare essen­tials out of our ve­hi­cles, be­fore scur­ry­ing around to the no-fish­ing (cough) bank, to see what was lurk­ing around the mar­gins.

With the light shin­ing down from a dif­fer­ent an­gle, it be­came ap­par­ent that, al­though there weren’t any carp cruis­ing up and down within range, there were an aw­ful lot about 20 or 30 yards out.

I didn’t waste any more time and after scat­ter­ing a few boilies into the deep chan­nel that lies just a rod-length or so off said bank, we re­turned to the swim and pre­pared to have a dab­ble with more con­ven­tional tac­tics. I had made Paul aware that the Fox Lake fish weren’t ex­actly lead-friendly, so it was no sur­prise that after half a dozen ex­ploratory casts each, the dark shad­ows sunk be­neath the sur­face and the plumes of bub­bles we’d seen all along the far bank, be­came just the odd, spo­radic patch here and there.

Think­ing that we’d prob­a­bly not done our­selves any favours, not that we had much choice, I de­cided to jump in the car and head off to the shops for enough pro­vi­sions to see me through the first 36-hours. It was also an ex­cuse to crank the air con up and chill for a bit. As I came out of the su­per­mar­ket, my phone flashed up a cou­ple of missed calls from Paul. Upon get­ting in touch, it turned out he’d had a bite and the first 40 of the trip to boot!

I re­turned just in time to nick the sec­ond fish of the trip on his rods, as he stub­bornly re­fused to get up from a mid-af­ter­noon power nap. Ab­so­lutely use­less! A point borne out by his dec­la­ra­tion when he fi­nally got to his feet that it was strange, as he “never misses a beep” – only for him to point at his right-hand rod, which had pulled up tight, with the bob­bin hang­ing for­lornly off the bank­stick, not 12 hours later when we awoke the fol­low­ing morn­ing...

TOP Paul got off the mark quickly. This was his sec­ond 40 from Fox

MID­DLE Sean with a low-40 from our time on Fox


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