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There’s some in­ter­est­ing de­vel­op­ments in this month’s Bait­world, in­clud­ing the news that DNA Baits have re­leased their hugely pop­u­lar S7 and SLK in new sizes. There’s also sev­eral new ex­cit­ing re­leases for Sticky Baits and Bait-tech

S7 and SLK Shelfies – New Sizes

DNA pride them­selves on do­ing things a lit­tle dif­fer­ently while pro­duc­ing the best prod­uct they can, so it comes as lit­tle sur­prise that they have re­leased these two pre­mium baits in a unique man­ner. Whilst the 12mm shelf-life baits are noth­ing revo­lu­tion­ary, mak­ing 8mm baits avail­able to the masses, is. Avail­able ei­ther as the S7, or as the SLK, they are sure to have a mul­ti­tude of uses and of­fer some­thing that most carp cer­tainly won’t have seen be­fore. Both baits are only avail­able in 5kg bags, with there be­ing a slight pre­mium for those wish­ing to pur­chase the 8mm.

The S7 is a proper fish­meal. Dark red in colour – thanks to a gen­er­ous help­ing of Haith’s Robin Red, along­side the un­beat­able LT90 and CPSP90 and is crammed full of a su­perb Krill meal. The S7 also in­cor­po­rates a uniquely hot, sweet blend of seven spices and salts and is rounded off with a sub­tle peach and or­ange flavour pack­age.

Their sec­ond of­fer­ing, the SLK is lighter in colour, al­most earthy and has a com­pletely nat­u­ral make-up. The main at­trac­tors are Yeast Ex­tract, Hy­drol­ysed Liver Pow­der and Fenu­greek, along with a unique blend of nat­u­ral salts and spices. Once more they have used the LT and CPSP90, as well as a lit­tle milk pow­der, some pre­mium CLO and liq­uidised shrimp, liver liq­uid and krill hy­drolysate.

As the name sug­gests, this pre­mium grade, cold-pressed oil is de­rived from one of the finest angling baits of all time. It is also recog­nised as the prin­ci­pal at­trac­tor within hempseed it­self. This oil has a won­der­ful, nutty taste and aroma and a nu­tri­tional pro­file that is rich in omega oils, vi­ta­mins and min­er­als. As with the other prod­ucts within the range, it is PVA friendly so, along­side be­ing one of the great­est ad­di­tions to your spod mix or boilies ever, it is also per­fect for damp­en­ing down a bag/stick mix and/or coat­ing pel­lets with.

Sup­plied in their sig­na­ture 1L jerry cans (pun in­tended), this top qual­ity, pre-di­gested Liq­uid Liver is packed full of amino acids, pro­vid­ing a strong feed­ing re­sponse from carp. The qual­i­ties of this meaty liq­uid have been known for gen­er­a­tions. It is a su­perb ad­di­tive, boost­ing the at­trac­tion of any bait.

In­stead of the usual over-flavoured ‘blanks’ that seem to be preva­lent on the shelves of many bait com­pa­nies, these be­spoke hook­baits are full of the best nat­u­ral at­trac­tors that Sticky could lay their hands on. First and fore­most, there is an ex­clu­sive Nor­we­gian squid hy­drolysate, the all-time clas­sic squid and oc­to­pus flavour, as well as other fish pro­teins, pow­dered pala­tants and green­lipped mus­sel pow­der. They come in a pot of mixed colours, with a soft white and washed out, dull pink and yel­low too. And they are avail­able in two sizes, ei­ther 12mm or 16mm.

An­other re­cenrt ad­di­tion to their liq­uid food range, this oil is loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 6, pro­vid­ing the es­sen­tial fatty acids that carp need. Sourced di­rect from Scot­tish fish farms, it is best used for glug­ging and glaz­ing boilies and hook­baits. Be­ing Pva-friendly, it can also be used within bags if ap­plied to pel­lets and other smaller food items.

This to­tally nat­u­ral liq­uid com­prises a fer­mented an­chovy ex­tract, salt and sugar, giv­ing it a strong, salty-sweet taste that carp will love. The Sticky ver­sion is ac­tu­ally used in Thai cook­ing and is there­fore hu­man-grade, mean­ing it is of the very high­est stan­dard. As well as pri­mar­ily mak­ing a great par­ti­cle soak, it will also dou­ble up nicely as a glaze when poured over boilies and pel­lets. Once again, as it is a Pva-friendly liq­uid, its ex­tremely sol­u­ble na­ture means that it would make an ideal ad­di­tion to a PVA bag, re­leas­ing ex­tra at­trac­tion within the wa­ter col­umn al­most im­me­di­ately once rest­ing on the lakebed.

De­signed to repli­cate the Manilla boilies, these wafters will slowly sink un­der the weight of a hook, negat­ing the weight of the rig and leav­ing a counter bal­anced bait. Rolled in a slightly lighter shade than the boilies them­selves, they should blend in per­fectly once those have ‘washed out’ after a few hours in the lake. Ideal for those ‘match the hatch’ sit­u­a­tions, fish­ing as sin­gles, or in part­ner­ship with any prod­uct within the Manilla range.

Bait-tech have lis­tened to their cus­tomers and de­cided to pro­duce these XL pouches of sin­gle­colour pop-ups. Avail­able in both the Poloni and Triple-n, they come in white and pas­tel shades of pink and yel­low. The Poloni are avail­able in 14mm and 18mm, whilst the Triple-n come in ei­ther 15mm or 18mm. There is also a lim­ited edi­tion ‘spe­cials’ range for the Triple-n, these be­ing a slightly more vivid shade of pink and yel­low, for those that pre­fer their hook­bait to stand out more. With an es­ti­mated 110 hook­baits in each pouch and free postage too, they’re cer­tainly good value for money.

With sum­mer look­ing like it’s not giv­ing up just yet and an­other pre­dicted heat­wave just around the cor­ner, Bait-tech have re­leased this handy 3½kg re­seal­able bag of float­ing bis­cuits. Ideal for those long, hot days and/or last minute hour-long ses­sions when the last rays of sun are danc­ing across the sur­face of the pond. Keep them in the boot of the car and you’re ready to go at the drop of a hat!

DNA Baits S7 RRP: £50 /5kg 12mm - RRP £60 /5kg 8mm On­line:

DNA Baits SLKRRP: £50 /5kg 12mm - RRP £60 /5kg 8mm On­line:

Sticky Baits Pure Hemp Oil RRP: £7.99 /500mlOn­line: www.stick­y­ Sticky Baits Liq­uid Liver RRP: £9.99 /1LOn­line: www.stick­y­

Sticky Baits Manilla Dum­bell Wafters RRP: £6.50 per TubOn­line: www.stick­y­

Sticky Baits Pure Salmon Oil RRP: £6.99 /500mlOn­line: www.stick­y­baits.comSticky Baits Fish Sauce Bait Soak RRP: £6.99 /500mlOn­line: www.stick­y­

Sticky Baits Sig­na­ture Squid Wafters RRP: From £6.50 per TubOn­line: www.stick­y­

Bait-tech 150g Pop-up pouches RRP: £9.99On­line: www.bait-tech.comBait-tech Carp Floaters – Bulk Pack RRP: £TBCOn­line:

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