To be hon­est I was still com­ing to terms with the breakup and fish­ing was not my top pri­or­ity

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Brian and Mar­tyn stuck to their tried and tested tac­tics of sim­ple, monofil­a­ment hook­lengths and bot­tom baits, whereas I went hi-tech with the braided main line ap­proach and all the gub­bins.

With the baits out on what I was told was a very pro­duc­tive wa­ter, I was amazed that two hours later we’d not had a fish. A strong wind had picked up and was blow­ing from left to right into the far mar­gins and, even with my dodgy long range vi­sion, I could see carp top­ping down there. Had I felt mo­ti­vated and not de­flated, I’d have been down there in a shot, but as Tim so kindly worded it at the time I was ‘pussy whipped’ and go­ing fish­ing was hard enough, never mind chas­ing them around as well.

Mar­tyn, of course, was far more proac­tive and even with­out a bar­row, was soon packed up and down to the far end, with tackle in hand. Need­less to say he had a dozen in just a few hours whilst Brian and my­self toughed it out on the road bank. To be hon­est, Brian did sug­gest we move but to coin a phrase ‘I could not be ar­sed’ and stayed put. The high­light of the day was a line bite for me which al­most took my rod in... Brian was, of course, highly amused and con­tin­ues to re­mind me of it to this day!

Post­script: De­spite that fail­ure I did join the syn­di­cate and had many en­joy­able years on it sum­mer and win­ter alike when I wanted a bite or some win­ter ac­tion. Fun­nily enough, I have just re­joined the syn­di­cate in 2018 but some­how don’t think I will be us­ing a braided main line!

FAR LEFT Win­ter was def­i­nitely here BOT­TOM LEFT Mar­tyn showed me the way to do it LEFT Typ­i­cal Mess­ing­ham mir­ror

ABOVE Brian man­aged one

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