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In this month’s Over­seas Fish­ery Fo­cus we take a look at a venue in the beau­ti­ful La Creuse re­gion of France

Our lakes have pro­duced mas­sive carp over the last sev­eral years, with us putting in place a bal­anced feed­ing pro­gram. This has re­sulted in sig­nif­i­cant weight gains in a very short pe­riod of time and in sev­eral cases up to and over 8lb to 10lb in one year. We also de­cided to max­imise the po­ten­tial within the com­plex by re­struc­tur­ing the site into a venue for big fish an­gling, but also for all an­gling abil­i­ties – and on a so­cial side for sin­gle, small groups and fam­i­lies, or even ex­clu­sive book­ings with the de­sign of all the new swims on each lake.

Carp­world: Where is your wa­ter lo­cated?

Eden’s Lakes: We are just into the La Creuse, in the Li­mousin re­gion of France.

CW: What travel op­tions are avail­able to get to the lakes – e.g. ferry ports, air­ports?

EL: All the ma­jor ferry ports.

CW: How long does it take to get there? EL: Five to six hours from all ports.

CW: What size are the wa­ters?

EL: We are a three lake com­plex. North Lake is five acres, Si­mon’s Lake is three acres and Jolly Pads Lake is three acres.

CW: Ap­prox­i­mately how many fish does it hold?

North Lake has be­tween 90 to 100, Si­mon’s also around 100 and Jolly Pads has more, around 130.

CW: What size do th­ese fish go up to?

North Lake’s carp go up to 68lb-plus, Si­mon’s 55lb-plus and Jolly has them to 51lb-plus.

CW: What is the aver­age size of the fish?

I’d say the North Lake’s aver­age is around 48lb, Si­mon’s about 39lb, and Jolly Pads in the re­gion of 29lb.

CW: What are the most suc­cess­ful baits? EL: Boilies over beds of par­ti­cle and pel­let.

CW: How many peo­ple can fish the lake at one time? EL: Five an­glers on North Lake, four on Si­mon’s Lake, and four on Jolly Pads.

CW: Can they book the lake as a group? EL: Group book­ings are wel­come.

CW: How many swims are on the lake?

EL: Jolly Pads has two dou­bles, Si­mon’s Lake has two dou­bles and one sin­gle, North Lake has one dou­ble, three sin­gles, plus one sin­gle/dou­ble.

CW: Which are the best swims? EL: All swims fish well.

CW: What do I need to take?

EL: As of 2019 you need to bring your own your own gear other than the fol­low­ing items which is sup­plied on site: cra­dles, slings, tripods and land­ing nets.

CW: What fa­cil­i­ties are on of­fer (show­ers, toi­lets etc.)? EL: We have on­site toi­let/shower fa­cil­i­ties.

CW: Is there a town nearby?

EL: Near­est town is 10 min­utes away.

CW: Is there ac­com­mo­da­tion?

EL: The is no ac­com­mo­da­tion pro­vided.

CW: Can I take my wife (guest) along? EL: Non-fish­ing guests wel­come.

CW: Is bait sup­plied?

EL: Bait not sup­plied but we do sell a se­lec­tion of boilies, pel­let, par­ti­cle, pop-ups, glugs, liq­uids in the on-site tackle shop.

CW: The type of baits al­lowed?

EL: Only well-known, branded boilies are al­lowed on site.

CW: Are boats al­lowed? EL: Boats are not al­lowed.

CW: Are re­mote con­trol bait boats al­lowed? EL: Bait boats are al­lowed on all the lakes.

CW: Is there a bailiff on site all the time? There is an on-site man­ager.

CW: What tackle would be best (line, leads and hooks etc.)?

EL: Line must be a 15lb break­ing strain or greater, hooks must be mi­cro barbed and a size 6 is the min­i­mum al­lowed. Lead­core is also not al­lowed.

CW: Are carp sacks al­lowed? EL: Carp Sacks are not al­lowed.

CW: Are per­mits sup­plied in the price?

EL: Per­mits/li­cences are not needed as all our lakes are pri­vately owned.

CW: What are your full con­tact de­tails – names, ad­dress, tele­phone, fax, mo­bile, e-mail, web­site?

EL: Edens Lakes, La Prugne, 23600 La Creuse, France. For any other in­for­ma­tion please re­fer to our web­site www.

CW: Last but not least, how much will it all cost?

EL: North Lake €375 per an­gler, Si­mon’s Lake €295 per an­gler, Jolly Pads Lake €295 per an­gler (2019 prices).

North Lake

Jolly Pads

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