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We have a round-up of new gear from Nash, Dave Lane, Powa­pacs, Ba­nana Rods and So­lar Tackle

So­lar Tackle Car­bon In­di­ca­tor Heads RRP: £13.99

On­line: www.so­lar­tackle.co.uk

Th­ese high grade car­bon and P1 stain­less heads are de­signed to com­ple­ment So­lar’s ti­ta­nium multi-func­tion in­di­ca­tor sys­tem, al­though they are com­pat­i­ble with all man­ner of chains, quiver and swing arms. They weigh 11g and are fin­ished with a pair of white rub­berised ‘pips’ in place of the more con­ven­tional ball clip. The ten­sion on th­ese can be al­tered by sim­ply twist­ing the knurled base of the in­di­ca­tor head, lend­ing them to a num­ber of dif­fer­ent styles of fish­ing, whether that be fish­ing bow­string-tight lines at range, or fish­ing slack un­der the rod tips. They are sup­plied with a colour-coded white plas­tic ring that can be fit­ted un­der your alarm, or be­neath your back rest, as well as a slot on the body that will house a 25x3mm iso­tope. So­lar Tackle Multi-func­tional In­di­ca­tor Sys­tem RRP: £22.99

On­line: www.so­lar­tackle.co.uk

Ma­chined from a mix of So­lar’s P1 stain­less and aerospace­grade ti­ta­nium, th­ese are the most ver­sa­tile in­di­ca­tor arms on the mar­ket to­day. Due to their clever and com­plex de­sign, they can be ad­justed to cover ev­ery fish­ing sit­u­a­tion. The ti­ta­nium arm fea­tures a knurled knuckle at the top that can be screwed shut or open to per­mit ei­ther a swing­ing or straight arm po­si­tion. The aero-grade metal in the arm is in­cred­i­bly flex­i­ble and durable. So­lar’s unique ‘chain link’ dou­ble pivot point, gives a huge in­crease in sen­si­tiv­ity and sees that what­ever in­di­ca­tor head you choose, it will al­ways sit bolt up­right so you can spot the tini­est of move­ments.

Each sys­tem comes with a 3¼ inch ti­ta­nium arm, a P1 hockey stick grip clip, both 12mm and 14mm Stron­garm line clips and a pro­tec­tive carry tube.

Built to com­pli­ment the cur­rent P1 range of stain­less from So­lar, this pre­ci­sion en­gi­neered (com­plete) kit has ev­ery­thing you’ll need should you find your­self fish­ing a venue with wooden swims. They’re also very use­ful for those fish­ing canals and ur­ban wa­ter­ways, where there aren’t any grass verges avail­able to use bank­sticks in a con­ven­tional man­ner.

They are sup­plied in a zipped, can­vas case. You will find a front and rear stand, a drop-in buzzer bar at­tach­ment, a P1 driver and even three pairs of dif­fer­ent length screws. So­lar Tackle P1 Stage Stands RRP: £69.99

On­line: www.so­lar­tackle.co.uk So­lar Tackle In­flat­able Un­hook­ing Mat RRP: £139.99

On­line: www.so­lar­tackle.co.uk

There have been a num­ber of th­ese in­flat­able mats re­leased of late. This one dif­fers to most in that it com­prises two pieces and has its own sep­a­rate, self-in­flat­ing mat­tress. Cou­pled with the high, tubu­lar, in­flat­able walls, this makes for the safest un­hook­ing mat around.

Fin­ished in a hard-wear­ing, heavy-duty ny­lon and with a thick ground­sheet ma­te­rial pro­tect­ing the base, this prod­uct should stand the test of time. It is quick and easy to in­flate/de­flate and comes in its own carry bag, com­plete with a pump.

Dave Lane Fine Lines

RRP: £30 (plus £5 p&p) On­line: www.dav­e­lane.co.uk This book has been on sale for a cou­ple of months now. It is the third in­stal­ment in Dave’s writ­ing and fol­lows on from An

Ob­ses­sion with Carp and A Flick of the Tale, cov­er­ing his fish­ing over the past decade, on venues such as Mary’s, the North Met, Monk’s Pit and the mighty Burgh­field.

As usual, it is writ­ten in his own inim­itable style, with a mix of hu­mour, highs and lows, and, of course, some stun­ning pho­tog­ra­phy. What’s more, it man­ages to set the scene and draw you in, giv­ing you the sense of ac­com­pa­ny­ing Dave on his jour­ney in search of some of the coun­try’s most de­sir­able carp.

The last in the range of the Ba­nana Rods line-up that we have had the plea­sure of look­ing at, this, the Cross is a multi-pur­pose tool. De­signed for short to medium range work, this 3½lb model has an op­ti­mum cast­ing weight of 3½oz, yet is ca­pa­ble of cast­ing 5oz up to about 70 me­tres.

As ever, there is an em­pha­sis on the rod be­ing a de­light to play fish on, so the ac­tion is based around a pow­er­ful blank with a pro­gres­sive ac­tion that is won­der­fully soft when un­der com­pres­sion. This, cou­pled with the ex­tra length, make it a far more ver­sa­tile rod than a 10 footer and while it will lend it­self to boat work, it re­tains the ca­pa­bil­ity to cast be­tween 110-130m when cou­pled with the cor­rect load.

The qual­ity of the work­man­ship is in­cred­i­ble and the choice of reel seat, ring set and the car­bon whip­pings be­fit a re­ally high-end prod­uct.

Ba­nana Rods Cross 11ft 3½lb TC

RRP: From ap­prox­i­mately £450 (at cur­rent ex­change rates). Please al­low 8-12 weeks for de­liv­ery On­line: www.ba­na­nar­ods.com

Hav­ing been im­pressed by the power packs and so­lar pan­els we have re­viewed re­cently, we de­cided to take a look at some of the other prod­ucts within the Powa­pacs range. They have a whole host of lights, with th­ese four hav­ing the most ap­peal.

The Luxx is a fully wa­ter­proof unit, mak­ing it ideal for use around the swim. It also has a dif­fuser dome at the top, mean­ing that it casts a softer light across a wider area, mean­ing it is also great for light­ing your bivvy. It has seven colour op­tions that can be changed with the sup­plied re­mote, in­clud­ing red and green, which should save you at­tract­ing ev­ery bug in the area for din­ner!

The stan­dard Powalite is a more con­ven­tional shape, be­ing a sim­i­lar shape to many other strip lights that have ap­peared in re­cent years. It is a no-non­sense light with three op­tions; red, white and SOS (a flash­ing white light that can run for 24 hours if the unit is fully charged). As with the rest of the range, it has a re­mote con­trol and as per the other strip lights, it is sup­plied with a mag­netic bar, al­low­ing it to be sus­pended in­side a bivvy.

The Powalite+ is based around the stan­dard unit, but, it has the clever in­clu­sion of a PIR sen­sor. This mo­tion-ac­ti­vated light source means an end to scrab­bling about look­ing for your re­mote in the mid­dle of the night! The in­frared sen­sor works on both the red and the white set­tings, which is very handy if you set it fac­ing (the path to) your rods. The de­vice will re­main lit for 30 sec­onds af­ter it senses that any move­ment has stopped and then turn it­self off again.

Fi­nally, there is the Powalite XL, which as its name sug­gests, is big­ger than the other two. So much so, that it has a large enough bat­tery to dou­ble as a charger for var­i­ous Usb-com­pat­i­ble de­vices if re­quired. Once more, it has a re­mote con­trol, so you can se­lect which colour and bright­ness you pre­fer at the touch of a but­ton.

Run­ning times vary be­tween the lights. The XL will op­er­ate for up to three days from one charge, while the slightly smaller Powalite and Powalite+ will run for up to ten days-straight, us­ing the red LED and the lower bright­ness set­ting. Powa­pacs Lights

RRP: From £22.99

On­line: www.powa­pacs.co.uk

The guys at Nash have been very busy be­hind the scenes of late and the re­sult is a com­plete over­haul of the Scope range, along with a num­ber of other new prod­ucts. We were in­vited to have a pre­view of it all at a re­cent trade-only evening and par­tic­u­larly liked the lug­gage, no­tably the rucksacks.

Tak­ing the Scope ethos to the next level, mo­bil­ity has been a key part of the de­signer’s M.O. There is a very clever us­age of avail­able space on show, with some re­ally neat ideas, such as:

1. A col­lapsi­ble, fold­ing back-plate on the Re­con Ruck­sack, that trans­forms into a minia­ture bivvy ta­ble.

2. The abil­ity to un­zip and un­fold the body, on the Re­con Ruck­all, which al­lows it to be stored flat un­der your bed chair. While that is noth­ing new, the fact that it has a built-in cool-bag com­part­ment, is cer­tainly a first.

3. The De­ploy Ruck­sack has a rigid, free-stand­ing body. The body has two sep­a­rate in­ner com­part­ments that are avail­able from the side, mean­ing you don’t have to empty the con­tents all over the place to get to the bot­tom. The flap that al­lows en­try to the top sec­tion, has a lipped, rigid EVA con­struc­tion, giv­ing you a handy fold-out bivvy ta­ble when trav­el­ling light.

For those who re­ally do travel light, the Scope Se­cu­rity Stash­pack will be a god­send. What ap­pears at a glance to be noth­ing more than a mini ‘man bag’ is in fact, a fairly spa­cious ruck­sack – al­though for the most part hid­den in­side is a dis­creet zipped pocket, per­fect for those spur-of-the-mo­ment walk­a­bouts.

There are lots of other eye-catch­ing de­tails too... the lin­ing on the ZT Crew­neck, the butt grip on the lat­est Black Ops rod, the con­cept of the R6/9/10 Trans­porter, and, last but by no means least, there is of course a Ti­tan, in the same all-new cam­ou­flage liv­ery!

Whilst some of the items are avail­able im­me­di­ately, ex­pect the rest of the range to roll out by mid/late Oc­to­ber. We’ll have a more in depth look at the whole range very soon. Nash Tackle Var­i­ous


On­line: www.nash­tackle.co.uk

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