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What tips do you have for au­tumn an­gling when huge patches of fizzing are more ap­par­ent but it can be hard to get a bite? Cheers, Dar­ren Jones Hi Dar­ren, Thanks for your ques­tion. As we move from late sum­mer into au­tumn, there is of­ten a no­tice­able change with an in­crease in the amount of fizzing ac­tiv­ity you may see dur­ing the late morn­ing and af­ter­noon feed­ing spells. I have al­ways put this down to fish feed­ing on nat­u­rals. From the au­tumn equinox for­ward I tend to stay away from the hard gravel spots and tar­get the silty ar­eas of the lake where the nat­u­rals are. It’s al­most as if the carp move around the lake in large groups har­vest­ing the nat­u­rals from these ar­eas and it can be tricky to get a bite as they are pre­oc­cu­pied on these food sources. When you see this ac­tiv­ity, my best ad­vice is to shorten the rig right down to 4-5 inches, as an ab­so­lute max­i­mum, and use a stiffer hook­link with small baits. In the past, two 10mm boilies on a 4-inch stiff fluoro­car­bon rig has got me that ex­tra bite when oth­ers around me are us­ing pop-ups. With the in­tro­duc­tion of the Link I will def­i­nitely be giv­ing a 12mm Link wafter on a stiff ‘D’ rig a go this sea­son. With the fish grub­bing around on the bot­tom look­ing for small items, I think this com­bi­na­tion could be a win­ner. The other tip I have for au­tumn is not to over­feed them. Fish­ing for a bite at a time can be the best ap­proach – and be aware that the ‘big feed’ be­fore win­ter that you may have heard many an­glers say hap­pens in Septem­ber/oc­to­ber doesn’t al­ways oc­cur – and the carp pop­u­la­tion can slip into their win­ter slum­bers qui­etly while the an­glers are still wait­ing in an­tic­i­pa­tion (and in vain) for the ‘big feed’ to start.

As the nights draw in, start to seek out the deeper, siltier ar­eas of the lake. The carp will def­i­nitely be hav­ing a root about down there some­where Fish for a bite at a time. This Hor­ton fish was caught over the bare min­i­mum of loose feed

Short, stiff rigs and wafters will play a mas­sive part in my fish­ing as the water cools

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