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They say the best things come in small pack­ages, so it’s a warm wel­come then to Korda’s Ka­makura hook range and Ridge­mon­key’s Ezee­knot Hook­bait Tyer...

The lat­est ad­di­tion to the ever ex­pand­ing RM-TEC ter­mi­nal range, these hook beads are made from a nice, soft rub­ber that is de­signed to grip the hook shank and stay in place, even dur­ing the big­gest of casts, yet move, so as not to im­pede hook­ing po­ten­tial, only when you re­ceive a take.

They are ideal for cre­at­ing all man­ner of rigs, but par­tic­u­larly Ron­nies and any­thing else fea­tur­ing anti-eject, slid­ing ring set-ups. They have a sub­tle, dark green, smoky translu­cent fin­ish en­sur­ing that they are as dis­creet an el­e­ment of your rig as pos­si­ble. They are avail­able in two sizes, small (for hook sizes 6-10) and large (for hooks sized 1-4).

Well, they say the best ideas in life are the sim­ple ones and for those that don’t trust the me­chan­ics of a bait screw, a bore-ring, or a blob of floss, and pre­fer to ‘do it old school’ – then this is for you. The sim­ple, two-piece mag­netic de­sign fea­tures a cylin­dri­cal bore, which will fit hook­baits rang­ing be­tween 10mm and 20mm. Sim­ply drop in the one of your choice, slide your floss down to the bait, ro­tate the de­vice and tie two over­hand knots. It re­ally is that sim­ple... and it should mean the end of fid­dly, mid-win­ter chores when you’ve got Tom ‘n’ Jerry fin­gers and keep drop­ping fid­dly lit­tle rig rings on the ground­sheet!

Billed as the sharpest hooks com­mer­cially avail­able, the Ka­makura range have been some three years in the mak­ing! Fol­low­ing on from footage re­vealed by their Un­der­wa­ter se­ries of films, the chaps at Korda be­came con­vinced that an ul­tra­sharp hook­point ul­ti­mately led to more pick­ups be­ing con­verted into gen­uine takes and con­se­quently, landed fish.

There have been a num­ber of ad­vances in hook-mak­ing tech­nol­ogy in re­cent years but this process of be­stow­ing each hook with a Ka­makura point, post pro­duc­tion, is a gen­uine leap for­ward. Ev­ery hook in the packet has been honed to the same level of sharp­ness to en­sure each and ev­ery one is ex­actly the same.

Prior to be­ing packed into the hard, pro­tec­tive case, each hook also has a blob of wax ap­plied to each un­coated tip, help­ing to pro­tect it, right up un­til you are ready to cast out into the lake.

Cur­rently avail­able as size 4, 6 and 8, in both mi­cro-barbed or bar­b­less, in the stan­dard gauge Wide Gape and Krank pat­terns, ex­pect more to fol­low in the fu­ture. Due to modern ad­vance­ments, Korda have re­cently been able to re­lease a range of coated braids which have tiny tung­sten gran­ules im­preg­nated within the coat­ing, mean­ing that it will now sink quickly and lie tight to the lake bed.

It has a semi-stiff na­ture, from the spool, so steam­ing it will prob­a­bly gain you the best re­sults once you have con­structed your rig of choice. The coat­ing it­self has a nice, matte fin­ish and re­mains easy to strip, whilst main­tain­ing good abra­sion re­sis­tance.

It is avail­able in ei­ther 18lb or 25lb break­ing strains and in their two most pop­u­lar colour­ways – Weedy Green and Gravel Brown.

Ridge­mon­key Ezee­knot Hook­bait Tyer RRP: £8.99 On­line: www.ridge­mon­key.co.uk

Korda Dark Mat­ter Tung­sten Hook­link RRP: £12.99 per 10m spoolOn­line: www.ko­rda24.com Korda Ka­makura Hooks RRP: £6.50 per pack of 10 On­line: www.ko­rda24.com

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