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As the ris­ing sun burns off the dew,

The an­gler pre­pares for bat­tle to en­sue. Traps are set and laid with care,

With hooks honed sharp and bait on hair.

But the carp is wise, an un­will­ing player And this time es­capes the quest of the slayer. Now the quarry’s life is times by nine,

And avoids the trap of hook and line.

But as hunger beck­ons, the trap is sprung The hook is felt and prompts ‘the run’

The strike is firm and the hook hits home, The rod bends hard and the fight’s be­gun.

A fran­tic dash to a sunken tree,

A des­per­ate bid to again be free.

But the line holds fast and the run is in vain An­other snag’s seen, but the re­sult’s the same.

The an­gler’s heart beats loud and fast

Will it be small, or a per­sonal best?

Now the carp’s fu­ture has a cer­tain fate Due to the at­trac­tion and smell of the bait.

As he rolls on the sur­face, it’s time to land, He gave his all but the net’s to hand

Then he’s lifted out and placed on the mat Do my eyes de­ceive, just look at that!

The scales clock round to 43 A beau­ti­ful per­sonal best for me

Now one last task, so pho­tos taken Smiles all round and hands are shaken.

The mat­ter is done, the quest ful­filled The carp’s re­turned and wished no ill. The carp swims off along his way, And lives to fight an­other day.

Now night draws in and all is calm, The an­gler rests his weary arm.

The tea is made and handed out, This is what fish­ing is all about.

Then the story is re­told about the fight, There’s no bet­ter way to spend one’s life.

K Law


“In­spired by my pas­sion for an­gling”

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