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Not a new prod­uct this one, but still an ef­fec­tive fish-taker and one that is per­fect for the com­ing months!

Sig­na­ture Pop-ups

The Sig­na­tures are made from a sub­tle blend of no less than 10 dif­fer­ent liq­uid ad­di­tives which give them their unique and fruity smell. They also con­tain two pow­dered fruit pala­tants, which are de­signed to give off both a max­i­mum in­stant and pro­longed leak­age.

They come sup­plied in 70g tubs of as­sorted washed-out colours and are avail­able in ei­ther 12, 14 or 16mm sizes.

Sig­na­ture Wafters

As per the pop-ups, th­ese wafters are con­structed from ex­actly the same flavour pack­age as pre­vi­ously men­tioned. How­ever, to com­plete the process, Sticky then coat each batch with a spe­cially for­mu­lated amino acid blend that is de­signed to work best through late sum­mer and into win­ter.

The hook­baits them­selves are de­signed to sink slowly un­der the weight of a hook. For any­one un­fa­mil­iar with the con­cept, a wafter is de­signed to cre­ate a crit­i­cally-bal­anced bait that will negate the weight of your rig, and sit just above your hook.

Th­ese are avail­able in 95g tubs and in ei­ther a 12 or 16mm size.

Whilst sup­plied like the pop-ups as a mixed tub, this same at­trac­tor pack­age is also avail­able in three set colours – washed-out white, washed-out pink and a sub­tle washed-out yel­low.

Sig­na­ture Bait Spray

De­signed to com­pli­ment the Sig­na­ture range to a tee, the match­ing bait spray is a much thin­ner liq­uid than any­thing within the rest of Sticky’s range. While they had hes­i­ta­tions over their other, much heav­ier liq­uids and glugs af­fect­ing the buoy­ancy of a pop-up, this much lighter liq­uid is per­fect and, due to its non-vis­cous na­ture, it is ab­sorbed into the baits very quickly!

Hot off the press from the chaps at DNA are th­ese cork ball pop-ups. Avail­able to match three of their most pop­u­lar ranges – namely the Se­cret 7, Switch and SLK. There are ap­prox­i­mately 35 baits in each tub. Each one is un­err­ingly round in shape and de­signed to mimic the equiv­a­lent bot­tom baits in colour.

As usual, the baits are rolled us­ing the ex­act same in­gre­di­ents as the boilies, thereby emit­ting an iden­ti­cal food sig­nal. They are cre­ated us­ing cork dust, pop-up mix and a pow­dered blend of all the good­ies found within the rel­e­vant base mix.

Un­usu­ally, each tub comes com­plete with a small sa­chet of sil­ica to en­sure that the baits are bone-dry and mega buoy­ant.

Sticky Baits Sig­na­ture Fruits range RRP: From £4.99 On­line: www.stick­y­

DNA Baits Cus­tom Cork Ball pop-ups RRP: £TBA On­line:

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