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the trial and er­ror process of mix­ing base mixes to­gether. The sim­ple and very ef­fec­tive way is to com­bine two dif­fer­ent hook­baits to­gether, to form one bal­anced bait. Sim­ply trim a pop-up and a bot­tom bait and fit them to­gether, it is that sim­ple. They can be the same flavour or two dif­fer­ent flavours – it is en­tirely up to you. So if you need to change things out in the field, then the com­bi­na­tions are end­less. Crit­i­cally-bal­anced hook­baits have been around for a very long time, they used to be home­made by com­bin­ing a pop-up mix, with a nor­mal bot­tom bait base mix, so when boiled, each bait would sink very, very slowly. This, as you can imag­ine, was very time con­sum­ing. For­tu­nately, things have cer­tainly moved on and it has be­come very easy to make a bal­anced hook­bait on the bank whilst fish­ing, and cer­tainly with­out

Cell and Milky Tof­fee. The ul­ti­mate com­bi­na­tion

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