The right tac­tics at Lake Bled


One of the most de­sir­able venues on the planet th­ese days has to be Slove­nia’s Lake Bled. Videos by such well-known an­glers as Alan Blair have shown just what this stun­ning lake has to of­fer, and more and more peo­ple are think­ing about giv­ing it a go! Dun­can Porter is one guy for whom the temp­ta­tion was just too much and he was soon on his way out there. Af­ter speak­ing with other an­glers on the lake, it seemed it wasn’t fish­ing very well, with very lit­tle com­ing out. How­ever, the one ques­tion he al­ways likes to ask is how much bait have they put out and ev­ery­one said the same – loads! He also no­ticed ev­ery­one was spod­ding, so Dun­can de­cided his ap­proach would be sim­ple – cat­a­pult­ing 2kg of 20mm Krill over an area to try get them search­ing. He also opted to leave the swim with­out any lines in, un­til the af­ter­noon. This tac­tic worked per­fectly with the first fish com­ing within 30-min­utes of cast­ing out – it also ended up be­ing the big­gest of the trip at 52lb 9oz. He used just 5kg of bait for the en­tire trip but that still ac­counted for a fur­ther eight fish, in­clud­ing an­other fifty, at 50lb 2oz.

LAKE BLED SLOVE­NIA : A great way to get off the mark for Dun­can Porter

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