Six­ties brace at Gi­gan­tica


Gareth Radley took part in Korda’s an­nual staff so­cial at Gi­gan­tica lake, near Paris, and af­ter a fairly good draw (com­ing out sixth) he was pleased to still find one of the main, cen­tral swims still avail­able – namely Al­ca­traz. He fished all three rods on one area at 110 yards to­wards a swim known as The Stink. He started the six-day ses­sion off on the first night with a 22lb com­mon. Af­ter that, bites were com­ing, al­most to the minute, ev­ery evening at around 10pm, and the next fish to slip into the net was one called Two Time at a PB weight of 64lb 12oz. Fol­low­ing that he slipped the net un­der a nice scaly orig­i­nal known as The Gali­cian at 31lb. The fol­low­ing night was so­cial night but dur­ing this, his re­ceiver sig­nalled an­other take and he ran back to the rods and man­aged to land a fish known as Shoul­ders at a new high weight of 56lb 4oz. On his fi­nal full day (Thurs­day), whilst sit­ting at the lodge hav­ing din­ner, he had a num­ber of bleeps on his re­ceiver so hur­ried to his rods once more, with ev­ery­one fol­low­ing be­hind, and man­aged to land a fish that hasn’t been caught for two years – The Galaxy at 63lb 4oz. It was a lit­tle un­der­weight, but he re­ally didn’t mind. Over the ses­sion Gareth used 30kg of Krill freezer baits in 20mm, 5kg of maize and 8kg of pel­let, mixed with a good glug of Pure Krill liq­uid. He baited with around 5kg ev­ery day and also topped up af­ter each bite.

FRANCE : GI­GAN­TICA A pro­duc­tive so­cial trip for Gareth Radley

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