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Surf­ing is a never end­ing learn­ing curve. Even the guys still cruis­ing in their six­ties will tell you with an open mind you can im­prove your tech­nique.

Time was you mud­dled along. You got bat­tered by the ocean and learnt by trial and er­ror. Get­ting your ass handed to you with a side of French fried pota­toes by Nep­tune was the way it was. There were no short­cuts.

Times have changed young padawan. Now you can get the kind of knowl­edge that took years to ac­quire the hard way from those lovely folks known as coaches.

Mod­ern life is hec­tic. There are too many de­mands on all our time so get­ting hints and tips from those crew that have been there and done that makes per­fect sense. Much as get­ting a surf les­son or two to fig­ure out how to stand up is now a stan­dard, coach­ing of in­ter­me­di­ate and ad­vanced surfers is very much now a thing. It’s not just for pros, any­one that can carve a green wave can ben­e­fit. As you’ll see in the Q&A the guys that run these op­er­a­tions can help you in myr­iad ways. From build­ing con­fi­dence, ocean knowl­edge, fit­ness, tech­nique and video anal­y­sis there’s all sorts of av­enues to make your game stronger. A coach­ing trip is an in­vest­ment in your­self. Who doesn’t want to surf bet­ter? To rip harder? Where do we sign up!

We spoke to a few of the surf camp and coach ex­perts to get the low down on what's on of­fer to push ad­vanced and in­ter­me­di­ate surfers on to the next level… Toby Mill­age, The Surf Ex­pe­ri­ence Owner (TM)

Justin West, OMX Surf Coach and Part­ner (JW)

Kelvin Zehmke, Bil­l­abong Team Rider and Son Surf School Coach (KZ)

Miguel Pereira, Founder and Man­ager of Sur­fivor Surf Camp (MP)

Hamid Naciri, Olo Surf & Na­ture team mem­ber (HN)

In­dra Su­madi, In Da Surf Surf Coach and Di­rec­tor (IM)

Karim El­bihi, Par­adis Plage Surf Man­ager (KE)

What are the big­gest prob­lems in­ter­me­di­ate surfers come up against?

TM: Con­fi­dence bat­tling with be­lief.

JW: Poor pad­dling tech­nique, prob­lems with tim­ing, po­si­tion­ing and read­ing the wave when pad­dling for it. The next com­mon faults in­clude drop­ping straight down the wave and not look­ing along the line dur­ing take off. Video anal­y­sis and watch­ing more ad­vanced surfers in slow mo­tion helps vi­su­alise these is­sues.

KZ: Short­age of con­fi­dence to take the drop. We spend time in the wa­ter with them, mak­ing them feel at ease which builds their con­fi­dence.

MP: Usu­ally it's the lack of phys­i­cal prepa­ra­tion to come up with the pad­dling. We give out tips to our guests to get pre­pared be­fore ar­riv­ing. For in­ter­me­di­ates and ad­vanced we sug­gest a two week stay or longer to re­ally build up your surf­ing.

HN: Usu­ally in­ter­me­di­ate surfers have prob­lems with wave-read­ing, how to be at the right peak, and how to man­age their speed on the wave. We help guests to un­der­stand wave me­chan­ics through photo and video anal­y­sis.

KE: The two big­gest prob­lems that an in­ter­me­di­ate surfer en­coun­ters are wave se­lec­tion and stay­ing on the open face of the wave. To con­cur these prob­lems we teach about surf spot anal­y­sis, ob­ser­va­tion, pa­tience and how to use your up­per body, arms and most im­por­tantly your eyes and sight.

What pro­grammes do you of­fer that are spe­cific for in­ter­me­di­ate surfers look­ing to progress?

TM: Once a green wave stage has been hit we of­fer SURF SA­FARI weeks and 2/3 ses­sions will be filmed.

JW: Along with full video anal­y­sis feed­back ses­sions, OMX of­fers struc­tured coach­ing with my­self a pro surf coach from JWC.SURF. Our team has years of ex­pe­ri­ence with coach­ing im­prover to elite surf lev­els in­clud­ing x2 na­tional cham­pi­ons, 2 WQS, a pre­vi­ous CT ath­lete and Euro­pean Ju­nior Cham­pion.

KZ: Surf the­ory. We phys­i­cally ac­com­pany our in­ter­me­di­ate surfers in the wa­ter to en­sure they feel at ease, which builds con­fi­dence and re­sults in more waves and so faster im­prove­ment. Once con­fi­dence is there, video with anal­y­sis.

IS: We of­fer our guests pro­fes­sional semi-pri­vate surf­ing lessons with video anal­y­sis and the­ory. One coach takes on a max­i­mum of two at a time to achieve the best re­sults in a short time.

HN: For in­ter­me­di­ate surfers, we of­fer the coach­ing pack­age that in­cludes 2 surf lessons per day and will help them un­der­stand the prin­ci­ples of the wave’s en­ergy, im­prove their wave-read­ing skills, adapt their paths to utilise the wave's en­ergy, and de­velop a re­ac­tive anal­y­sis, with full photo and video support.

What pro­grammes are on of­fer for ad­vanced surfers?

TM: Pro train­ing level for short­board­ers with Sam Lamiroy ex pro. Long­board clin­ics with ex Euro top 3 Manuel Ne­cas.

JW: OMX has hosted sev­eral WQS ath­letes on train­ing camps max­imis­ing the un­crowded and con­sis­tent con­di­tions. Ad­vanced surfers will re­ceive ex­pert guid­ing and ap­pre­ci­ate the in­tri­ca­cies of choos­ing the right con­di­tions and right time to surf the mul­ti­ple op­tions and set ups on of­fer.

KZ: Coach­ing at a va­ri­ety of surf spots and con­di­tions. Video and photo anal­y­sis.

IS: For ad­vanced surfers we can of­fer surf trips to dif­fer­ent surf spots all around Bali, video coach­ing and surf pho­tog­ra­phy from land and wa­ter.

MP: We of­fer a weekly surf course for in­ter­me­di­ate and ad­vanced surfers, with guid­ing to the best surf spots in the re­gion, like Espinho, Matosin­hos, Maceda and Es­moriz. The course goes from Mon - Sat and an ex­pe­ri­enced local surf guide will take surfers to the right spot at the right tide.

HN: For ad­vanced surfers, we of­fer daily Sur­fari’s to dis­cover some of the beau­ti­ful un­crowded spots (beach break and point breaks).

KE: One-on-one Surf Guid­ing with our ex­pe­ri­enced, local in­struc­tors is avail­able from sun­rise to sun­set and a pho­tog­ra­pher and videog­ra­pher service can be ar­ranged as well.

Video coach­ing and how it works

TM: We of­fer video coach­ing ev­ery week from the very first level. On all Sa­fari weeks this is more and the PRO weeks it is ev­ery­day.

JW: Video anal­y­sis ses­sions are of­fered to all lev­els from in­ter­me­di­ate to elite. Learn how to an­a­lyse your own surf­ing and oth­ers. Coach­ing,

anal­y­sis, break-down of ma­noeu­vres and com­bi­na­tions from pro surf coach Justin West. Each surfer client will have a par­tic­u­lar tech­nique to ad­dress each ses­sion.

KZ: 1.5 hrs coach­ing ses­sions. (30 minute surfs with feed­back be­tween surfs) and video anal­y­sis af­ter­wards.

IS: Dur­ing your les­son we record videos and your coach will go through them with you af­ter your ses­sion. As most peo­ple are vis­ual learn­ers, video anal­y­sis is a good method to see your mis­takes and un­der­stand bet­ter what you have to work on. Dur­ing this ses­sion our coach will ex­plain to you what you’re do­ing wrong and give you some tips on how to im­prove your riding.

HN: We of­fer video coach­ing man­aged by our head in­struc­tor, mak­ing sure that we have recorded the best waves. In the evenings, we take time to sit with each in­di­vid­ual stu­dent and survey the video anal­y­sis show­ing their lines on the wave, how they man­age their speed and wave's en­ergy, and from that we give the best ad­vice ac­cord­ing to the pro­gres­sion of each one.

KE: Video anal­y­sis is pro­vided to all lev­els to help per­fect and im­prove surf­ing abil­ity. For in­ter­me­di­ate surfers, we fo­cus a lot more on tech­nique and give more de­tailed ad­vice to help im­prove ma­noeu­vres.

Ben­e­fits to pri­vate lessons?

TM: Ob­vi­ously 1 on 1 is great but the spe­cial­ist weeks are lim­ited and I would say­ing the video anal­y­sis is more key.

JW: There is no ben­e­fit to pri­vate lessons as all of our clients are treated as in­di­vid­u­als as if in a pri­vate ses­sion and their in­di­vid­ual surf­ing style and tech­ni­cal is­sues are addressed on that ba­sis. With the added ben­e­fit of shar­ing the stoke with our lit­tle com­mu­nity.

KZ: More fo­cus on the in­di­vid­ual. More waves. Big­ger va­ri­ety of surf spots.

MP: If you book a pri­vate les­son you get all the at­ten­tion of your coach and will progress much quicker. There is more space for de­tails and a more thor­ough com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Nev­er­the­less it's im­por­tant to also surf and de­velop among other surfers and we also pro­mote lots of free surf­ing.

HN: With pri­vate lessons, we of­fer per­son­alised, one on one ex­pe­ri­ences. The guest re­ceives full at­ten­tion and can re­quest spe­cific needs and de­sires to help their surf­ing pro­gres­sion.

KE: A one-on-one ap­proach works well for ad­vanced/in­ter­me­di­ate surfers who want to take their surf­ing abil­i­ties to the next level, as more at­ten­tion can be spent with the stu­dent int the wa­ter as well as talk­ing through ma­noeu­vres in more de­tail when out of the wa­ter.

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