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And so, friend, you come to the end of an­other slice of print based good­ness in Carve. Soz about that. But be of good cheer there’ll be an­other is­sue along in a month or so.

What’ll be in it? Is it a very good ques­tion. It’s been so hot it’s been quite hard to think and the surf’s not ex­actly been pump­ing. So pic­ture the team do­ing a col­lec­tive shrug while stand­ing semi-naked in front of a fan. Or. Maybe don’t for the sake of your mind. We’ll come up with some­thing as we al­ways do. Mak­ing eight is­sues a year isn’t easy but we sweat to make these mag­a­zines for your en­joy­ment.

You’re wel­come.

If it is still heat­wav­ing when you’re read­ing this the mag­a­zine also makes a handy sun­shade to keep those rays off your bonce or an im­promptu fan.

Here’s to late sum­mer swells, cold brews and the im­mi­nent start of au­tumn.

In the mean­time hit us up on the so­cials @carvemag and for mov­ing pic­ture good­ies and more dive down the rab­bit hole.

Jordy Smith do­ing un­speak­able things to a unas­sum­ing J-bay wall.

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