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Hearing voices


It’s pretty standard now for paranormal investigat­ors hoping to bring along some kind of audio recorder, to catch EVP – electronic voice phenomena. But, according to renowned music psychology professor Diana Deutsch, those otherworld­ly sounds in haunted houses are just Ôformant noise’ Ð it tricks our brain into hearing words. Deutsch has produced a CD called Phantom Words And Other Curiositie­s Ð listen and just see if you don’t start to hear words in the speedy electronic sounds she’s recorded. Whatever’s on your mind, that’s what you’ll hearé According to Deutsch’s personal research with her students, she found that the girls tended to hear the word Ôlove’, while the boys heard far more sexually explicit phrases. Deutsch says this diminishes the effect and authentici­ty of EVP. The people who desperatel­y want to make contact with the Spirit world will hear them calling their name Ð others will just hear a shutter banging in the wind.

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