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Tarot and the moon: It’s a magical month

Yasmin Boland is an award-winning astrologer and moonologer. She uses the divine wisdom of the moon and the cards to guide us through the month!


This month

The annual Full Moon in Libra means it’s time for us all to move on from one particular relationsh­ip, somehow. Obviously not every relationsh­ip is going to come to an end, but if you’re in a toxic one and you want to get clear, it’s the right time. It’s also the ideal moment to forgive anyone who is important from your past who hurt you. Maybe it was their fault, maybe you were partly to blame (even if that’s just because you put up with more than you should have done), but if you can forgive and move on, do it. It doesn’t mean what happened was OK, it means you’ve decided to release anger and resentment to make way for something new and better. Holding on to anger is, as Buddha said, like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. The Full Moon in Libra always offers us this chance to move on. Make peace and let go.

This month, we’re asking the cards: What do I need to know about my relationsh­ip with X (fill in the name of the person you’re enquiring about). Close your eyes and use your index finger to choose card 1, 2 or 3.


Whatever is going on with person X, one thing is clear; your fears are getting in your way of a truly happy and harmonious relationsh­ip and you need to work through them!

This card suggests a rebirth with this person but you really do need to work some magic.

You can’t kid the Universe that you’re fearless. You need to deal right now with what scares you.


On the one hand, this card can be a message that, even if it feels completely impossible with

X, it can still work out. Hurrah! However, and this is where your discernmen­t needs to come in, if you’re enquiring about an ex who seems to have disappeare­d off the face of the earth, it can be a sign to move on since, because as the card says: ‘Some things only happen once.’


This card reminds you that when it comes to your love life in general and X in particular, you need a good mix of magical romance and good old fashioned practical good partnering. If you’re keen on someone, take time to visualise being with them - but also do something practical, like actually asking them out! You’ll probably get the result you want but you have to put the work in yourself first. This card also has the message: ‘The person you’re enquiring about is a soulmate!’ Which is rather lovely!

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