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Back at home, normality resumed and the memory of that terrifying night began to slip away. We both did our best to put it to the back of our minds. But it wasn’t long before my mum, who’d hardly had a day’s illness in her whole life, started having serious health problems.

Six months after our trip, she began to complain of chest pains and breathless­ness.

‘You need to get yourself checked out, Mum,’ I told her, deeply concerned.

‘Oh, don’t worry, love, it’s just severe DFLG UHÀX[ ¶ VKH assured me.

Terrible pain

But one night she was in so much pain that we rang for an ambulance.

It turned out that she wasn’t just experienci­ng DFLG UHÀX[

Those pains had been mini-heart attacks. We were all shocked. Nobody in our family could understand how or why Mum’s health was suddenly deteriorat­ing.

Little did we know that there was worse to come.

Still in hospital, Mum was told that she’d need to have her gallbladde­r removed and an urgent triple heart bypass to save her life.

The surgery was booked exactly a year to the day after our stay at the haunted Scarboroug­h hotel.

Understand­ably, I was absolutely SHWUL¿HG ZKHQ 0XP went in for her operation – and to make things worse, I just couldn’t shake the horrible suspicion that the hospital really couldn’t have picked a more unlucky date for it.

Fortunatel­y, the surgery was a success - but my relief about that didn’t last long.

Bad to worse

Mum was discharged after six days, and I opted to stay with her to keep an eye on her. Thank God I did.

I was woken up in the night by a loud bang.

7HUUL¿HG , OHDSW VWUDLJKW RXW RI bed and rushed to see what had happened.

I found Mum lying by her bed – she’d got up to go to the toilet and collapsed.

I’m First Aid trained, so immediatel­y recognised that she was having a stroke.

I rang for an ambulance and she was rushed back to hospital, where she ended up staying for a further four months.

She lost the power of speech and all her movement down her right side.

Now, three years on, Mum still needs 24-hour care, but she has learned to talk and walk again, ZLWK JUHDW GL FXOW\

I’ve often wondered if that nightmaris­h demonic encounter was a warning, or perhaps the trigger, for the sudden onset of my mum’s failing health. It seems more than a coincidenc­e that her health problems started so soon afterwards.

One thing’s for sure, it was a birthday she’ll never forget – for all the wrong reasons.

I recognised the signs of a stroke

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 ??  ?? Slow process: Getting better
Slow process: Getting better
 ??  ?? Chest pains: Serious problem
Chest pains: Serious problem

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