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Milecastle 42, at Cawfields in Northumber­land, is patrolled by the ghost of a Roman soldier who’s spotted regularly by startled hikers. Legend has it that he was a Roman sentry called Lucius who made the mistake of falling for a local British girl. Sadly for Lucius, the girl was just using him – her brother smuggled goods in and out of Scotland over the wall, and her job was to keep Lucius distracted! When the brother was finally busted, he gave Lucius up to the authoritie­s, too. Poor Lucius realised his girl had never really loved him, and committed suicide. His lovelorn lost soul is doomed to patrol the fortress forever, trying his best to make up for the many months that he was too busy snogging to perform his duty properly! His spectre is said to hover around 16 feet in the air, which is the height that

Hadrian’s Wall would have stood at when he was alive.

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