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Anybody out there? Signs from spirit

Is the universe trying to communicat­e with you? Learn how to spot the signs


The universe is always trying to communicat­e with us, to guide us and connect with us, but the problem is, we don’t always see the signs – or if we do, we just put them down to coincidenc­e. But sometimes, we are able to trust our intuition and accept the message the universe is trying to send us – as Carol Corr did when she saw the rainbow sent to her by her daughter in spirit, Joleen. She knew immediatel­y that it was Joleen telling her that she was at peace now.

Of course, rainbows aren’t the only means by which spirit, or the universe, communicat­es with us. If you keep hearing the same song on the radio, seeing the same numbers around you, or having repetitive dreams, the universe may be sending you a message – now it’s up to you to work out what it is!

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