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Every month, Sally shares with us some of the messages* from spirit she’s received while touring the UK and abroad.

I’ve been missing being on the road touring the country with my theatre show so much during the last few months – because of COVID-19 and the social distancing restrictio­ns put in place, all the theatres were forced to close. So I decided to bring my tour into the homes of my Facebook followers by creating a Virtual Tour.

My Virtual Tour works in just the same way as it would in the theatre except I’m in my kitchen and the audience are in their own homes. By the magic of technology, I can bring them up on the split screen where they can see me, I can see them, and the audience can see us both, and I can go ahead and give them a reading.

Straight away, I am drawn to a lovely lady, Kelly*, who pops up on the screen. I am able to tell her that I have her mum with me in spirit. She validates that her mum has passed.

Her mum tells me that October is a very significan­t month.

‘That’s the month my mother passed,’ Kelly tells me.

Her mother tells me that the 7 October has a special meaning, and Kelly explains that her son has a promotion coming up on that date so it may be that.

Kelly’s mother in spirit wants me to tell her that she needs to start looking after her health more, and that it’s time that she put herself first – she needs to stop saying yes to everyone all the time. Kelly smiles and agrees that she should probably do this.

I am shown that Kelly lived in a different country when she was 22 years old. I’m taken back to that part of her life because it was a time when she was adventurou­s and free, travelling and experienci­ng new things. Her mum wants her to know that she can do all this again – that life is for living. Kelly agrees that it was a very happy time in her life.

I hope her reading gave her comfort that her mother is with her, pushing her on to some new adventures in life.

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