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23 NOV - 22 DEC


Your love life

You’re feeling romantic and caring as the festive season starts– perhaps you’re nurturing a partner who needs a lift, or, if you’re single, you may be secretly crushing on someone. Or perhaps there’s a lover who you can’t be with. Singles will be attracting poetic and artistic types. You’ll certainly feel a whoosh of wonderful on the 6th. Although this is all quite thrilling, on the 15th you enjoy a breakthrou­gh. It’s time to let everyone know how you feel about a certain somebody!

Life and laughs

This month, you’re experienci­ng a personal rebirth from the 14th. Personal changes kickstarte­d this month will have profound effects on the way you present yourself to the world. You’re building a whole new infrastruc­ture of helpful people. This won’t happen overnight, but there’s an important step forward on the 21st. Christmas could prove to be transforma­tive.


From the 1st you are speaking up with more confidence. You know what you need to do to get ahead. Your confidence is winning you fans. Start saving your pennies and thinking about how you divvy up shared monies. An extraordin­ary idea comes to you on the 28th – this could be the start of something big!


Your step into your personal power this Xmas.

Intimacy and tenderness in love bring happiness.

Sorting out money and cash is ultimately very rewarding.


With the full moon in your House of Intimacy, you may find yourself pondering the big questions around the 30th – sex, death and emotional intimacy. Sounds scary? It will be illuminati­ng!


A secret tip tops up your cash box.

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