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Amuch-loved tourist destinatio­n, Goa, on the Indian coast, is famous for its banging nightlife, delicious seafood, fabulous weather, warm sea and glorious golden beaches.

Dona Paula beach is one of the most exclusive places to stay in the region, as popular with Bollywood film makers and actors as it is with sun-seeking tourists. It’s also a popular hangout for watersport­s enthusiast­s.

But despite its thrill-seeking vibe, it has a tragic backstory, as it was named after Dona Paula de Menzes, the daughter of a viceroy during colonial rule. She fell in love with a local fisherman called Gaspar Dias – but her father was horrified at the prospect of her marrying a commoner and forbade the union. Heartbroke­n, Dona Paula threw herself from a cliff and died.

Her ghost is said to emerge nightly from the waves of the beach, wearing only a pearl necklace.

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