Chat It's Fate



Richard is very charming and completely tuned-in and savvy – but he’s quite guarded, too. He’s very adept at making everything work in his favour.

To some, he’s a Marmite figure that you love to hate – but to others, he’s what they feel Piers Morgan should have been, sharp and quick yet fair.

By the winter, he’ll be wanted more and more on screen. He is now a legend – and eventually he’ll be on a par with a heavyweigh­t newsreader like Trevor Mcdonald, dropping the lightweigh­t morning television persona in favour of longer, deeper interviews.

I see a Morgan versus Madeley competitiv­eness in the future!

11 to 17 September looks very important. I fear there may be health difficulti­es for Judy.

I think Richard is content. Look out for the power of Madeley on screen. He’s very much adored.

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