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An al­li­ga­tor was wait­ing for her out­side Was her black magic work­ing against her?


Soon after, Aunt Linda rang Mum again. They spoke for ages.

‘What’s the mat­ter, Mum?’ I asked.

‘Aunt Linda is freak­ing out,’ she said, frown­ing. ‘She opened her front door – and found a mas­sive al­li­ga­tor right out­side. She said it was wait­ing for her!’

Chills im­me­di­ately ran down my spine. ‘Is she OK?’ I gasped. ‘Just. It made a lunge for her, but she man­aged to slam the door in its face,’ Mum ex­plained. ‘She’s had to have the pond in her gar­den filled in, as it may have laid its eggs in there.’


I thought of that weird, dev­il­ish or­na­ment sink­ing be­neath the dark wa­ter of Linda’s pond and shud­dered. Could the two in­ci­dents be con­nected? Could that or­na­ment some­how have sum­moned the al­li­ga­tor? Or was it that Aunt Linda’s dab­bling with black magic had now started to work against her?

I’d read about the law of three­fold re­turn, and how it ap­plies to witch­craft.

If you send neg­a­tive en­er­gies out into the Uni­verse, they’ll re­bound on you three times as strongly.

Look at all the ‘ac­ci­dents’ Un­cle Ed­die had had re­cently.

I hoped things weren’t about to get worse for Linda…

But Linda gave up the black magic after that.

I be­lieve she felt the al­li­ga­tor may have been an evil spirit of some kind.

The shock of it try­ing to get into her home snapped her to her senses, and she stopped dab­bling in the oc­cult.

As for me, I’ve al­ways been fas­ci­nated by the kinder side of spir­i­tu­al­ity. I moved to Aus­tralia 20 years ago – I be­lieve I was drawn here by a past life. I work in the so­cial ser­vices field, help­ing peo­ple with dis­abil­i­ties.


My mum and sis­ter have since passed away, but my Aunt Linda – now in her 80s – is still alive. Her black­magic phase has long since passed – it was never a true re­flec­tion of the kind, lov­ing woman she is. But it shows that mess­ing with dark forces can have a pro­found ef­fect. It’s best not to risk it. You never know what’s lurk­ing in the shad­ows…

Magic be­gone: Lov­ing aunt

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