Wreak­ing havoc

Chat It's Fate - - True Life: Cursed Lives -

Mar­ry­ing at 24, life was good. Fe­li­cio was my first love, a piano teacher with my own school. But, two years on, Fe­li­cio came home sob­bing… A gam­bler, he was in so much debt, we’d lost our home. Though my fam­ily put us up, our mar­riage crum­bled. I lost my busi­ness, too. Back then, di­vorce was taboo so we strug­gled on. But, 10 years later, Fe­li­cio, 34, died from can­cer. And, al­though it sounds aw­ful, it al­lowed me to start again. Or so I thought… Dur­ing his ill­ness, Fe­li­cio had of­ten fumed, ‘Why should you stay alive, hav­ing fun?’ One day, talk­ing to my sis­ter Sil­via, Fe­li­cio’s alarm clock rang. ‘He never used that!’ I splut­tered, fret­ting. After, things got worse. The oven would turn it­self on, the cake mixer whizz into ac­tion, un­plugged, the mi­crowave ping to life. I knew it was all down to Fe­li­cio. My aunt gave me pos­i­tive af­fir­ma­tions. ‘Words will pro­tect you,’ she com­forted. There were still nights when I’d awake to a male voice call­ing my name. But, four months on, the tor­ment stopped. Had I beaten his curse..? It’s been 16 years since Fe­li­cio died, and I’m still get­ting back on my feet. My new food busi­ness, Santo Fit, set up with my son Lu­cas Saden, is tak­ing off. I've been to a Ja­panese heal­ing cen­tre that uses di­vine light to dis­solve spir­i­tual im­pu­ri­ties. And it fi­nally seems that Fe­li­cio has left me in peace.

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