Haunted Bri­tain: Craig Y Nos Cas­tle, Wales

Each month, co­me­dian Barry Dodds and his side­kick Re­becca Kirk spend a night in a dif­fer­ent haunted lo­ca­tion.

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Kirk’s Para­nor­mal In­ves­ti­ga­tion Re­port:

9pm: We are warmly wel­comed by Lynn on re­cep­tion be­fore be­ing shown around by Chloe, who in­sists her brother, Jay, ac­com­pa­nies her on the tour.

‘I’m not go­ing up into the chil­dren’s ward on my own!’ she tells us with a ner­vous laugh. Lynn nods know­ingly.

10pm: Hav­ing ex­plored the beau­ti­ful opera house, the theatre base­ment and the salt cel­lar, we switch on our head torches and make our way up to the derelict lower chil­dren’s ward, a spooky maze of orig­i­nal fit­tings, or­nate plas­ter­work and silent, dark­ened rooms.

10.15pm: We move up to the top floor, the iso­la­tion sec­tion. In the largest ward, Dodds walks to the far cor­ner and promptly asks, ‘Do you smell that? It’s soap, like my granny al­ways used to use.’

We all move to join him and sure enough, can smell old-fash­ioned soap! There is a box of scented can­dles in near-by stor­age, but the scents don’t match up to what we are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing.

10.30am: Now we’ve found our bear­ings, we are left to ex­plore the cas­tle alone. Af­ter strate­gi­cally po­si­tion­ing an old Bi­ble in the op­u­lent bridal bath­room, Dodds grabs his EMF and laser ther­mome­ter and we head back to the derelict up­per floors.


10.35pm: As soon as we’ve climbed the old stairs into the lower ward, we hear a metal­lic squeak and a door slams some­where down the pitch black hall­way. Then, while frozen in shock, we hear some­thing else.

‘Those are chil­dren’s voices,’ Dodds whis­pers,

be­fore de­cid­ing, ‘There must be kids stay­ing in the ho­tel tonight.’ 10:40pm: We re­turn down­stairs to en­quire and are told there are no chil­dren on the premises tonight... not present-day chil­dren, any­way! 10.50pm: We ten­ta­tively make our way to the ward that was once Adelina’s room, and find that while the other rooms are a warm 180c, her room is a sig­nif­i­cantly cooler 130c. 11pm: From the play­room, we hear a muf­fled muf­fled bang from the top floor and steel our­selves to head up.

11.20pm: Hav­ing climbed the creaky wooden stair­case, we are sit­ting in the gar­dener’s room when the EMF Me­ter be­gins to flash. We re­spect­fully ask for com­mu­ni­ca­tion but are met with empty si­lence.

12am: We chat with Donna, who has been in­volved with Craig Y Nos for many years.

‘I feel sad­ness for the chil­dren,’

she tells us. ‘But I also hear them laugh­ing so there were happy times too. I some­times feel a hand on my shoul­der when I play Patti’s favourite com­posers.’

Mu­si­cal in­ter­lude

1am: With Adelina Patti in mind, Dodds and I now make our way to the opera house. ‘I feel to­tally at peace in here,’ Dodds says, ‘and it’s not just the gold and the lights and the op­u­lence; this is a happy room.’ We talk to Adelina. It’s her space and her benev­o­lent pres­ence is strong. 2am: I de­cide to spend the rest of the in­ves­ti­ga­tion in the bridal bath­room with the Bi­ble, while Dodds stakes out the ad­join­ing room. 5am: The Bi­ble has stayed still but Dodds con­fides in me that he ac­ci­den­tally nod­ded off at one point, only to be wo­ken by a very re­al­is­tic dream about a shadow in the cor­ner of the room. He won’t be sleep­ing on the job again!

Once home to an opera singer, the cas­tle is now a ho­tel

Sad sen­sa­tion: Gar­dener’s room Sui­cide: Long ago Go­ing up: Iso­la­tion ward Spooky: Dark hall­way

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