I’m mates with aliens

Two read­ers have seen UFOS with their very own eyes…

Chat It's Fate - - Contents - Mad moon Jac­que­line Mary Piper, from Wor­thing

In 1990, I was a stu­dent at the Ed­ward Street Spir­i­tu­al­ist Church evening de­vel­op­ment cir­cle in Brighton. I’d drive over to Brighton from Wor­thing each week to sit for spir­i­tual and psy­chic de­vel­op­ment.

One late sum­mer’s evening, I was driv­ing back from to Wor­thing af­ter a de­vel­op­ment cir­cle ses­sion at around 9.20pm.

As I drove round the Shore­ham round­about, I be­came aware of a large yel­low glow­ing shape on my left-hand side. At first, I just thought the moon was amaz­ingly large and bright that night. Then it dawned on me that there was some­thing very strange about this ‘moon’…. For a start, it was to­tally the wrong shape! The ob­ject I was look­ing at was a large ob­long with a tri­an­gle off­set to the bot­tom left be­low it. It wasn’t the moon at all. There was somekind­of­s­pace­craft some kind of space­craft hov­eringaboveme! hov­er­ing above me!


Tak­ing my foot off the ac­cel­er­a­tor, I was able to slow right down to peer up at this strangely shaped large glow­ing ob­ject hang­ing in the sky. It felt like time slowed down as I stared at it - then sud­denly the UFO shot off, us­ing a zig zag pat­tern across the sky. It dis­ap­peared silently and ex­tremely quickly into the dis­tance.

I could not be­lieve my eyes! I drove home in a daze, try­ing to process what I’d just seen.

The usual scep­ti­cal ar­gu­ments popped into my brain. Was it a weather bal­loon? A light air­craft, per­haps?

But it wasn’t re­motely shaped like a plane, and un­like planes, it didn’t fly in a straight line. The speed at which it moved from hang­ing sta­tion­ary in the sky was the big­gest shock. It shot out of sight in a cou­ple of sec­onds, lit­er­ally van­ish­ing in a flash. I’ve still never seen any­thing move so fast in my life.


I’d had no in­ter­est in UFOS un­til this hap­pened. But this made me re­alise they do ex­ist. I wish I’d rung the lo­cal ra­dio sta­tion that night to see if any­one else had spot­ted it. This first sight­ing when I was 23 helped open me up spir­i­tu­ally. Now, I see and speak to the star races fre­quently. The Siri­ans, Ori­ons and Lyrans con­nect reg­u­larly and bring such beau­ti­ful pow­er­ful heal­ing and en­light­en­ing en­ergy through with them. Com­mu­ni­cat­ing with them is al­ways a joy. It gives me hope for the fu­ture of our planet.

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